James Inhofe: Climate Realists Have Beaten Warmists On Cap And Trade

But, to my way of thinking, Realists have to keep the fight up against the Warmists, who will keep attempting to enact their legislation and regulation. I once asked Ed Morrissey, back when he was still at Captain’s Quarters, why he bothered exposing the 9/11 Truthers, since they were basically wackjobs and conspiracy nuts. He said that things like Trutherism need to be exposed like cockroaches to sunlight, otherwise, they slowly breed and create more cockroaches. Same with anthropogenic global warming

(Daily Caller) Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican member of the Environment and Public Works committee, told The Daily Caller on Monday that climate change skeptics have won the debate over global warming on Capitol Hill.

“We’ve won the fight because there’s no way in the world they could pass through legislation a cap and trade bill,” Inhofe said, referring to proposed laws that would limit carbon emissions. “It’s dead, gone, forever.”

Inhofe, the author of “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” says that he initially believed claims that humans were responsible for climate change. But after reviewing the science behind the claim, Inhofe now says he believes that the theory is a lie, and that the United Nations is largely responsible for promoting it.

If Warmists have any brains, they’ll stop jumping sharks at every turn, and embrace real world solutions to our energy needs. Their over the top unhinged moonbattery has actually harmed the alternative energy debate, and harmed real environmentalism. They won’t stop, though, because the debate was never about Mother Earth, but, about taxation and control.

One way skeptics have won the debate, Inhofe said, is by debunking “every assertion” in “Al Gore’s science fiction movie” — a reference to the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” He also alluded to polls indicating that Americans have grown much more skeptical of global warming claims in recent years.

Debunking Warmist assertions has always been the most difficult, because they set up their pseudo-religion as non-disprovable, where everything is the result of someone taking an unnecessary fossil fueled drive to the grocery store and failing to use recyclable bags.

When asked what he thought proponents of the belief in man-made global warming have to gain from peddling ideas they know to be false, Inhofe demurred.

“I can’t answer the question because I’m not a liberal, so I don’t know what their motive is other than the fact it’s quite evident that they feel they want to be in a position to run everybody else’s life,” he said.

That is the point of their push: otherwise, Warmists might actually practice what they preach, instead of being the worst offenders.

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5 Responses to “James Inhofe: Climate Realists Have Beaten Warmists On Cap And Trade”

  1. If the Conference of Parties leading to a Carbon Treaty were my conference to plan (not saying it would be, but just for the sake of argument), I would plot the homes of every delegate on a map, and give those delegates a designated connecting airport to reach–by rail or bus. My goal would be to bring to each airport a full planeload of delegates. They then would board flights to David Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, because in Tel Aviv I would book the conference itself. The reason: Ben-Gurion is the closest you can get to the travel centroid of the world, the destination the sum of whose distances from all origins is the shortest. (THE travel centroid is Jerusalem.) And once there, I would have chartered buses ready to bring them to Tel Aviv and the conference center, and rented bicycles for them to get around.

    I’ve been to Tel Aviv. It has beaches, night life, and–a few miles to the south–some rich history.

  2. […] Inhofe thinks that climate realists have beaten warmists when it comes to cap and trade. I don’t know if beaten is the right word to use, maybe staved […]

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Terry is obviously an anti-semite. Wishing to harm Israel with the invasion of anti-Israel supporters and anti-human believers…… come on Terry, don’t be a hater. 🙂

    But after reviewing the science behind the claim, Inhofe now says he believes that the theory is a lie, and that the United Nations is largely responsible for promoting it.

    Then why hasn’t he put forth a resolution to stop giving UN our money? If what he said were true, wouldn’t that be an act of war – an attempt to overthrow the sovereign rule of America? Why are we giving them billions of dollars to do exactly opposite what they should do? Why are we the major donor?

  4. That’s a good plan, Terry, but, most of the True Believers also tend to be liberals and Israel haters. Me, I’d dump them out in the boonies of Iceland.

    the GOP has put forth bills to defund the UN, including the IPCC, but, none have made it through the Senate.

  5. Trish says:

    Terry’s idea is a great one and makes complete common sense- but it’s obvious that it would only be implemented by level headed conservatives, if they believed in this BS!
    AGWers are Hypocrites first and foremost, as evidenced in their blatant disregard for how much energy they expend going to far away exotic locales for their conferences, their travel arrangements and their vacations in eco endangered locations. Do as I say, not as I do.

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