Warmist Scott Mandia Says Peter Gleick Was Saving The Children!

Gotta love publicly funded radio. Over at 89.3, Southern Calibankrupt’s public radio station, which has “no rant, no spin” as its slogan, we learn

Last week we brought you the story of several documents that were leaked from The Heartland Institute regarding their plans to push an anti-climate change agenda in public schools. Heartland is an organization based in Chicago that is a consistent voice against the climate science and global warming.

Yup, no spin, no rant. You Climate Realists simply hate the climate or something, and want to make kids believe that climate is caused by little green men from Saturn.

And it appears many of his colleagues agree with him. From the Union of Concerned Scientists to the National Center on Science Education, a group that Gleick was about to take a board post on, all condemn his methods while insisting that the real bad guys here are still Heartland for attempting to undermine climate change education. Others say Gleick’s leaking of the Heartland documents has finally exposed the groups methods and motives and least he had the guts to take responsibility for this actions.

Except, the main document appears to be a complete fake. But, yes, Heartland would like to see real science taught in schools, and that there are more than 1 side to the debate. You know, science. And then we get to the guests, which includes

Scott Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences, Suffolk County Community College; co-founder of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, a group that connects climate scientists to lawmakers and the media.

Said rapid response team is purely political in nature. If the science could stand on its own, there would be no need. But, anyhow, here’s what he had to say, audio at the link, short transcript via Tom Nelson

At the 2:30 mark of the audio, Mandia says: “…putting on my “dad hat”…[Gleick’s] potentially saving my children and your children and people in the audience because it’s clear Heartland has had a history of subverting science education and they were up to it again. So for all the parents out there, this was something that is going to benefit them.”

See? Theft, ethical violations, misrepresentation, probably falsifying documents, they’re all good, because Gleick was saving kids from …….well, learning science.

BTW, Heartland isn’t kidding around: they’ve apparently had talks with the FBI.

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