Perhaps It’s Time To Simply Ignore The NY Times

Why? Well, because of the unhinged idiocy that spews forth, particularly from their lead moonbat, Paul Krugman, who decided to go completely political on this 10th Anniversary of September 11th. I shan’t link him, but, you can read about his article at

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Would we in the Right-O-Sphere really be out that much if we simply no longer linked the NY Times? Sure, it provides much needed comic relief and lots of post material, as they are the preeminent liberal newspaper outlet in the country. But, then we get this type of compete crap, which Smitty refuses to write about, otherwise the post would be decidedly not family friendly. To use the liberals own types of words, they are essentially a hate site.

How much traffic does the starboard side of the blogosphere drive to the Times, versus what the port side sends? How much would it hurt if we simply stopped sending traffic?

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9 Responses to “Perhaps It’s Time To Simply Ignore The NY Times”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    Shunning used to be a common method of enforcing community standards.

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  3. proof says:

    Well, truth be told, I’ve probably received more traffic from the Times than I ever sent them. Still, I think it is good to note that often the idiots on the Left have a larger audience on the right, in their critics than they do on the air or in print. D’OH-lbermann comes to mind for one, or anyone even remotely connected with Err America.

  4. Adobe Walls says:

    The problem with trying to ignore the NYT or the other members of the Winston Smith Media is that would tend to leave them as the only voices most people hear.

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  6. Word says:

    I do not watch network tv. I do not read certain newspapers. I do not read certain magazines.

    I do not watch certain movie stars. That is my choice. It is America.

    I do not buy ANYTHING made by GE. If your going to be political then you had best be prepared to alienate 1/2 of Americans.

    The problem today is that people are so used to being FF’ed that they don’t really care. And Ignorance truly is bliss.

  7. Trish says:

    Whoops, I began ignoring them during the Bush years…sorry. Well not exactly true, since almost every blog has a snippet of one of the NYT bat-shit-crazy editorials or opinion articles. (not that there is more than one opinion there) But I wouldn’t pay for nor read online, anything that the paper printed, given their propensity for slander, lies and all around one sided monotony…

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