Even The Politico Is Having A Tough Time Being Positive About Obama’s Speech

One of Politico’s biggest Obama cheerleaders, Carrie Budoff Brown, must have been sighing quite a bit while writing the article. Not the hopey changey 2008 campaign sighs of adoration, but the kind of sigh one gets when the puppy poops on the carpet for the 10th time this week. She was even nice enough to include a picture of TOTUS, who tells Obama to say


Obama faces high stakes on jobs speech

After three weeks of buildup, the stakes for President Barack Obama’s jobs speech Thursday couldn’t be higher — and the expectations couldn’t be lower.

Republicans are so certain he won’t offer anything new that some aren’t even attending. Democrats are questioning why the White House is pouring so much of its capital into another big speech. And both parties are skeptical that any concrete action will come of it in Congress

She also (helpfully) provides 5 things to watch for during what will surely be the lowest rated presidential address ever

  • Substance, not just size, matters (there won’t be any)
  • Conciliatory or confrontational? In other words, no matter what, he will once again refuse to act Presidential
  • A deficit of deficit talk (supposedly, he will challenge the deficit panel to reduce the deficit even more. More “so let it be said, so let it be done)
  • It’s not the speech, it’s the follow-up (obviously, we won’t find out till after the speech, so, I’m not sure how we are supposed to watch for this during the speech, but, we can expect him to mostly forget about the speech the day after)
  • Icebreaker, anyone? (Carrie thinks Obama should start with a joke, because he’s basically an NFL pre-game show. The one few will watch. I suggest he just hold up his record as president, that’ll get a good laugh)

And then Obama plans to take his same old same old plan on the road, which looks eerily like a campaign trip. Much like his bus trip. And tonight’s speech.

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5 Responses to “Even The Politico Is Having A Tough Time Being Positive About Obama’s Speech”

  1. Word says:

    The top 10 reasons why Obama is the greatest president of all time.

    1. The economy is a burning heap of rubble and he plays golf.
    2. The unemployed are unable to find work but his wife vacations in Spain.
    3. The Debt is sky rocketing out of control but he gives campaign speeches.
    4. China is lecturing us about reigning in our out of control debt and he asks to borrow more from them.
    5. Europe is collapsing from the weight of their socialism and He gives hopey changey socialists campaign speeches.
    6. The few people that can vacation at Marthas vineyard are interrputed and put on hold while the “ONE” eats an ice cream cone.
    7. People are angry with outsourcing jobs overseas and the “ONE” sends his wife to SPAIN to shop.
    8. The internet is creating world wide anarchy and the one wants everyone to have high speed internet connections.
    9. The “ONE” votes for campaign financing then snubs his own principals and rakes in massive amounts of cash all the while lecturing us that we should have campaign financing.
    10. President Obama spends everyday demanding that the people are tired of the same old shit from congress and then does NOTHING himself and blames it on congress.

    Four more years of this guy? I once remember a commentor at another blog after Bush was Re-elected………”What are those fukking Americans thinking?”

  2. Adobe Walls says:

    If he gives the left what they want which is big spending and for him to rain “fire and brimstone” down on those sneaksy, false and obstructionist Republicans he’ll convince those not diametrically opposed him that he doesn’t really want to fix the economy but rather fix blame. No matter how bad some think the pubs are everybody knows you don’t start down the path to successful compromise by bashing those you need to deal with.

  3. captainfish says:

    Exactly Word. And that is the reason why many socialists will vote for him. They approve of those things happening. Then another 30% of America just don’t care. Add another 20% who want to make sure that America is PURE Socialist so they can get their free Obama-Money.

    Not the hopey changey 2008 campaign sighs of adoration, but the kind of sigh one gets when the puppy poops on the carpet for the 10th time this week.

    Then its time to KICK the puppy. (not really you sick PETA people).

    Seriously. We gave Bush only a few chances… then we turned on him. I love how Dems and Libs try to rewrite history to say that Repubs were firmly behind Bush. Nope. We turned against him every time he pushed his socialist programs on us. We defeated him several times – Amnesty is one.

    But, time and time again Obama is forgiven.

    It is past time we hold the Dems feet to the fire of our ire.

  4. david7134 says:

    Don’t forget that Obama gives a good speech and looks good (to some people), that is enough reason for many Americans to vote for him.

    I understand your points on Bush, but Bush was not a conservative. He was a Northeast liberal that happened to live in Texas. He is emblematic of the Republican elite that are no different than the liberals.

  5. captainfish says:

    That is true David re: Bush. But, we conservatives already knew that. It’s the media who try to paint him as a died-in-the-wool conservative to whom the rest of us sheep followed around like …. climate zombies.

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