Radical Muslims Blamed For Nigeria United Nations Terrorist Attack

Isn’t it kind of weird how the bombing of a UN office in Nigeria disappeared from the news almost immediately? Perhaps because, as usual, it paints the Religion of Peace in a bad light

Nigeria detained and released several radical Muslims suspected of being terrorists in 2007 — including a man who officials now say helped organize last week’s deadly car bombing at the United Nations headquarters in the nation’s capital, a high-ranking official told The Associated Press.

The men arrested four years ago had allegedly been caught with explosives. Their rapid release from detention was apparently aimed at placating Muslim groups, but it has now come back to haunt security officials who fear a growing wave of al-Qaida-linked terror attacks in Nigeria, a main supplier of oil to the United States. (snip)

One of those men was Babagana Ismail Kwaljima, also known as Abu Summaya, who was arrested again days before the Aug. 26 bombing at the UN compound in Abuja that killed at least 23 people, the Nigerian official said. Kwaljima is accused of helping mastermind the UN bombing. A second man was also arrested and police are looking for a third with “al-Qaida links” who recently travelled in Somalia, where an al-Qaida-linked group called al-Shabab is battling the beleaguered UN-backed government.

So, Islamists were involved, eh? Shocker!

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