While Obama Finds Excuses For Lybia, Syria Is Still Killing Activists

But, Syria would be hard work, and there is golfing to be done

Witnesses and activists in Syria say at least 15 people were killed Friday when security forces fired on crowds as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets nationwide in another round of demonstrations aimed at overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad.

The demonstrators gathered throughout the north and around the capital, Damascus, despite a heavy military presence and the fear of the continuing military crackdown. Protesters have been under assault by pro-government forces for more than 100 days. (snip)

Details of Friday’s violence have not been independently confirmed, largely because Syria does not permit outside media to cover protests. Activists say Syria’s crackdown has killed at least 1,400 people in the last three months.

Turkish officials said Friday that more than 1,500 Syrian refugees crossed the border into Turkey after Syrian troops stormed the town of Khirbet al-Jouz.

According to Turkish government estimates, nearly 12,000 Syrians are now housed in massive tent encampments in Turkey.

Syrian troops are said to be within 500 meters of the border.

I’ve argued that Libya does actually have a small importance to the USA in that it lies in a geographic spot that could be dangerous to international, and American, shipping in the Mediterranean. Also, even a small oil producing nation with issues could cause problems on the world market. But, of course, that is not what Obama argues: he says it is all about humanitarian relief, and stopping a humanitarian crisis from happening, which would be stopped in days, not weeks, continuing on for months. Well, what of Syria? They sure seem to be having a humanitarian crisis. Well over a thousand killed. Syrian troops waiting for Syrians to cross back from Turkey. No known number for those who have been jailed, and being jailed in Syria will involve torture.

I’m not advocating military intervention, but the hypocrisy from the Obama administration is amazing. But, Syria apparently doesn’t have the oil resources necessary for our European allies like Libya.

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3 Responses to “While Obama Finds Excuses For Lybia, Syria Is Still Killing Activists”

  1. captainfish says:

    I guess the problems in Africa have been solved?

  2. Yup. Famine and disease have been stopped, radical Islam has been wiped out, and Obama has even put an end to tectonics action in the Great Rift Valley.

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