NC Gov Perdue: We Need Los Federales After A Hurricane

Jeez, what did people do after hurricane in the old days before the vast over-reach of the federal government?

In a meeting with President Barack Obama and federal emergency management officials, Gov. Bev Perdue on Wednesday stressed how important the federal government’s response is when a state is recovering from a hurricane. (snip)

Perdue said she wanted Obama and FEMA officials to know just how important the agency is in the aftermath in the state’s recovery.

“The system in Washington understands the need for immediate relief,” she said. “Like I’ve always said, we don’t have to exchange business cards on the day of the emergency. We know each other.”

Really? We all have to admit that FEMA can help, but, their primary purpose is coordination, not actually Doing Something. Funny how she forgot to mention how important it was for ordinary citizens, churches, groups, companies and such banding together to help out, which is what is best needed.

After Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd, Gov. Jim Hunt did not depend on FEMA and Los Federales: while he asked for some help, he depended on North Carolina, in both the public and private sectors. And he did a fantastic job. And, believe it or not, he was a Democrat.

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