Sarah Palin Responds To Kerry’s “Joke” With Her Typical Classiness

I know, I know, cap and tax is the big story, an issue I usually cover quite a bit, but, everyone has it covered, and something about some child abuser dying, which is on every news channel 90% of the time, but, Sarah Palin shows that she is not your ordinary politician, and that she has class, something which John “Waffles” Kerry didn’t have when he made the joke about her to start it off

Senator John Kerry makes this joke..I don’t know if you saw this…but he makes this joke saying “Well, shoot, of all the governors in the nation to disappear, too bad it couldn’t have been that Governor from Alaska.”

Well, when he said it he looked quite frustrated, and he looked so sad, and I just wanted to reach out to the TV and say “John Kerry, why the long face?”


Only thing missing was the good old Southern saying “bless his heart.” If you’re Southerner, you understand what that means. 😀

Via Real Clear Politics, which has the video.

Photo via Conservatives for Palin. Compare that to how the troops felt about Kerry.

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