Review: Drag Me To Hell And Land Of The Lost

Had the day off today, sorta rainy, so, decided to go to the movies. While the newes Night at the Museum looks good, as does UP!, I love horror and scifi, so, had to see Drag Me To Hell first.

To make a long story short, awesome! I’ll give it a solid B. It was really nothing that hadn’t been done a thousand times since horror movies got big in the 50’s, and hearkens back to some of the really great horror/supernatural movies of the 70’s and 80’s. But, Sam Rami made it work. Even when you had a good idea in the last 10-15 minutes how it would turn out, it worked. Rather reminiscent of Steven King’s Thinner.

Deep plot? No. But, an understandable plot, and one that moves forward until OMG did they just do that? While the production, special effects, etc, where much better then his first foray, The Evil Dead (not the campy remake), the terror is there. You go with the flow and enjoy. Well worth the admission. Alison Lohman does a great job of humanizing the part, rather the getting into an “I’m going to f*** your world up for revenge” type character. You feel for her. You sympathize. And then  OMG did Rami just do that?

Only down part is it is freakin’ LOUD!!!!!! Wesley Morris at The Boston Globe notices the same thing, so, if possible, bring some ear plugs or cotton balls.

Land of the Lost. Ah. Sigh. I am not a Will Ferrell fan by any means, usually think his movies are terrible. Only one I liked was Anchorman, which I own on DVD. Only other one I could sit through was Talladega Nights, and barely. But, I loved Land Of The Lost as a child (I was perfectly at that age when it was new on TV), and the previews looked good. So, gave it a whirl last week.

Alas, wait for the DVD. It is not truly bad, I’ll give it a C-, but, damn, it started fantastic, really funny, then, did a fast limp. Acting was so-so, sets were OK. But, I’ll give it this: it had a better plot and dialogue then Terminator: Salvation! Shame, because Ferrell could have done it a little closer to the TV series, rather then a more adult movie.

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