Where’s The Timeline, President Obama?

How many times did we get to hear Obama yammer on about his 16 month timeline and exit strategy to get out of Iraq? Which he mostly reneged on, driving liberals into apoplexy….OK, a higher level of apoplexy, when he technically became The President, despite his continued campaigning. The timeline and exit strategy talking points have long been a favorite of the angry left, as they used it to bash Bush and those around him. Because publishing the exit strategy would have been such a wonderful idea! But, now, with Afghanistan, Barack H. Obama’s war

Mr Obama announced no grand vision of a democratic Afghanistan, or a timeline for withdrawal from a war that his advisers say will be long and hard. Instead, in a radical downgrade of the more lofty objectives set by President Bush, he said the mission was “to disrupt, dismantle and defeat” alQaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I want to know the details. Show the American people the action plan. No big deal that the enemy, and those we need co-operation from, will know, right? Really, the Obama admin is leaking like a seive, and have already released information that should have been kept secret in the GWOT Operation Overseas Contingency (instead, they keep things like government going after your MP3’s secret)

One aspect of the plan not publicly addressed by Mr Obama is a decision to increase US drone attacks inside Pakistan, The Times has learnt. Mr Obama also hinted that military action could be taken by US forces inside Pakistan, with or without its approval. US intelligence officials believe elements in the Pakistani security forces have tipped off insurgents about impending US attacks and there is a reluctance to share intelligence.

Actually, The NY Times published that the B.O. admin was thinking about it, and Obama promised, during the campaign that he promised not to run till he served his first term, to send military forces into NW Pak-E-staaaaan.

More than seven years after America declared war on the Taleban, Afghanistan still stands on the brink of disaster, President Obama declared yesterday as he unveiled a new regional strategy to win the war in South Asia. An additional 21,000 US troops will be sent to Afghanistan and civilian aid to neighbouring Pakistan will be trebled, Mr Obama said in a speech that showed his desire to take full US ownership of the deepening conflict.

He warned both governments that they had to take far greater responsibility in tackling their own corruption and the lethal insurgency that is threatening their survival.

Didn’t we hear for all these Bush years that the US government should interfere with other sovereign nations?

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2 Responses to “Where’s The Timeline, President Obama?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    TEACH during the Bush years we heard a lot of things including that the entire Mid East should be carpet bombed with nukes. The fact is that Afghanistan is not doing well and the future looks worse.

  2. hoover says:

    Obama: Pakistan is now part of our war
    Better watch once than a lot of time to read.
    Exclusive video

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