FactCheck Fact Checks The Latest DNC Smear Ads

I wonder why Barack NMN Obamessiah hasn’t told the DNC to stop running the ads? He is Mr. Hope and Change and a different type of politician who doesn’t engage in the negatives, right? At least that is what he tells us.

The latest ad is playing on a special entry page for Democrats.org, the official site of the Jackass ‘n Surrender Party, as well as being linked to all over the site.

What does FactCheck.org say about it and another DNC smear ad?

The Democratic National Committee has produced two TV ads against McCain, hoping to soften him up while the party figures out who its own presidential nominee will be.

  • One ad shows selected portions of McCain’s comments that a 100-year U.S. presence in Iraq would be “fine with me.” The ad uses dramatic images of war and violence, and omits any mention that McCain was speaking of a peaceful presence like that in Japan or Korea.
  • An earlier ad attacks McCain for saying the nation’s economy is “prosperous” and “better off overall” than eight years ago. The ad uses a couple of incorrect statistics to argue otherwise. It says the country has lost 1.8 million jobs when, in fact, it has gained nearly 5.4 million, and it says gasoline prices have risen 200 percent, when the actual figure is 139 percent.

It’s one thing to argue, as Dean does, that McCain’s position is a recipe for continued violence and bloodshed, whatever his stated intent. But it is another thing to misrepresent that intent. The ad twists the sense of McCain’s words by showing images of war, when he was really talking about a peaceful troop presence. Imagine how different the ad would seem if it showed images of, say, American troops walking the streets of Tokyo or Seoul and had included what McCain said about “Americans … not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed.”

Anyone who didn’t already know the fuller version of McCain’s answer could easily be fooled into thinking that McCain would be perfectly happy to see the war continue. McCain has said quite clearly that he considers Democratic proposals for a quick withdrawal from Iraq to be “surrender,” and so deadly fighting could well continue longer under a President McCain than under either a President Hillary Clinton or a President Obama. But what the DNC ad conveys is the opposite of what McCain said.

There is no doubt that FactCheck.org is an unbiased organization, and has taken apart Republicans as well as Democrats, though I have seen Democrats whine about them, probably because Democrats lie to gain political power more, so there is more material for FactCheck to work with.

They take apart the second vid as well. You can pop over and read the rest. And here is the vid

See others at Hot Air, Flopping Aces, Sister Toldjah, and Q and O.

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  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Glad that the world finally see’s THE BLACK CHURCH in Obama’s life! My church is DIVERSE with whites and blacks and yellows and reds – like JELLYBEANS in an EASTER Basket! Rage on Pastor Jeremiah Goebbels Wright and your Wehrmacht of HATE!

  3. John Ryan says:

    Darth “hates” Obama

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