Port Authority 68% Responsible For WTC Bombing Upheld

Simply unbelievable

A state appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the Port Authority was liable for damages caused by the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, because it knew about but chose to ignore “an extreme and potentially catastrophic vulnerability that would have been open and obvious to any terrorist who cared to investigate and exploit it.”

The ruling unanimously upheld a jury’s verdict that the agency was 68 percent liable for the bombing and the terrorists 32 percent liable. Under state rules, because the Port Authority’s liability was more than 50 percent, it can be forced to pay all the damages to injured survivors and to relatives of those killed.

Let’s blame the victim, not the terrorist. I wonder how it would go if the verdict was “woman 68% liable for being raped, rapist 32% liable.”

I did not know this, though

The ruling may have at least psychological if not legal ramifications for another case now working its way through federal court in Manhattan. In that case, a small group of families of people killed in the 2001 attack declined to take federal compensation for their losses and have instead sued the airlines and airport security companies, saying that they failed to take adequate steps to protect the airplanes from hijackers. None of them have yet gone to trial.

How could they have stopped the hijackers? Other then profiling, which the Left would have pitched a fit over and the ACLU would have sued over, not much. And both these cases miss that they wanted to hit us and were going to hit us, and if we block one target, they will shift to something else.

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2 Responses to “Port Authority 68% Responsible For WTC Bombing Upheld”

  1. benning says:

    Sheer stupidity in these cases. The terrorists can’t be sued because they have no money, so this is all about who has money. The Port Authority has chunks of cash, so sue them instead. The Airlines – close to bankruptcy all the time – have plenty of dough, so sue them!

    Stupidity. The judges in any of these cases should toss them and penalize the lawyers with fines for frivolous suits. Or beat them with fungo bats ’til their ears ring.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Thank GOD (not allah) that Ramzi Yousef is rotting in that concrete Colorado Super Max! CONCRETE… made from SAND, eh? I love CONCRETE and GITMO….

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