Grey Lady Upset Over Candidates Negative Campaigns

Because that’s their @$#%^* job!

The Pennsylvania campaign, which produced yet another inconclusive result on Tuesday, was even meaner, more vacuous, more desperate, and more filled with pandering than the mean, vacuous, desperate, pander-filled contests that preceded it.

Voters are getting tired of it; it is demeaning the political process; and it does not work. It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election.

It doesn’t work? Sheesh. Every campaign, at least at the federal level, includes it. It is part and parcel of the nature of the beast. If it doesn’t work, then perhaps they could tell us why the famous Willy Horton affair, started actually by Al Gore, worked? Not that Bush 41 needed it against a weak candidate like Rock Us Dukakis, but, it sure helped expose the kind of governor and leader he was.

And it happens on all sides. It probably happened during the first elections ever, between Gog and Brog, though the mud slinging between the two was probably real mud with rocks. Flopping Aces and have some interesting examples.

It mostly Hillary’s fault, according to the Grey Lady, too. They throw a little blame Barack “no middle name” Obama, but, mostly at Hillary. Not defending her, but, what else is she to do? She talks more about her programs then BHO does, since he spends most of his time talking about Hope and Change, as well as getting medical help for helpless, weak kneed, and impressionable liberals who pass out at his rallies. Also for the women who pass out at his rallies.

What seems to be missing is any compaints by the Times about smear campaigns against John McCain or any Republican. Not that I am surprised, mind you. Nor any mention of the Times’ and the other Credentialed Media’s own smear campaigns. Go figure.

PS: if the voters are tired of it, why does it keep happening?

Double PS: The Times even manages to mention Karl Rove and link Hillary’s tactics to him. Impressive!

Evening Update: In the Washington Post, they let us know that Obama’s gloves are off, and may need to stay off. Guess they forgot to read the Grey Lady today, which seemed to be calling for a kindler, gentler campaign.

Back to the original article, Ed Morrisey writes over at Hot Air (something is wrong with their server, very slow, so, no link) to hold on to this story, and remember it when the General Election comes around, and the Dems are attacking McCain. Done.

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3 Responses to “Grey Lady Upset Over Candidates Negative Campaigns”

  1. Stacy says:

    Please, candidates fighting for a county rep seat do it. It’s part of the deal. I can’t tell you how bad I want to see Hillary kick BO’s ass.

  2. It is really so funny, because every election cycle we get these people who say this stuff, then they themselves go on the attack. Like the Times will.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    FUEL this beautiful bloody steel cage ‘Diversity Match’ between Barack Zebra
    Q-Tips Obama vs. Hitlery Hips Rotten Clinton!

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