Do These Ladies Seem Bitter?


They sure seem to be clinging to their guns without being bitter, eh?

I love early on where one of the fine ladies says “when you have a gun, there is no difference between male or female.” But, there sure is a difference between Conservative and Progressive. It’s hard to hold a gun when your wrist is that limp.

I’d also love to know how they got a hold of an H&K MP5-SD for private use, though. Where can I get one for when the machines revolt?

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2 Responses to “Do These Ladies Seem Bitter?”

  1. Snooper says:

    Friggin’ AWESOME!! Oh. “We” have the MP5s!! Texas is a GREAT place!

  2. Are you able to get a hold of the silenced version? I will need one if Snob-amessiah gets elected to protect me from the nanny staters.

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