Global Warming Today: Yes, Volcano’s Are Caused By It

No, really. Seriously. Stop snickering. And, kindly ignore the fact that there has been no raise in temps for 10 years

(Times Online) Increased volcanic activity is linked to ice melted by the effects of global warming, a study has found.

So much ice in Iceland has melted in the past century that the pressure on the land beneath has lessened, which allows more of the rock deep in the ground to turn to magma. Until the ice melted, the pressure was so intense that the rock remained solid.

Carolina Pagli, of the University of Leeds, led research which calculated that over the past century the production of magma had increased by 10 per cent.

This is what is called a disparate causal effect model. Inferring one is causing the other with little proof.

Since 1890 the ice-cap has lost 10 per cent of its mass, which has allowed the land to rise by up to 25m (82ft) a year. The volume lost between 1890 and 2003 is estimated at 435 cu km.

Getting beyond that there were no SUVs and private jets in 1890, no, let’s not get beyond that. There was very little in the way of the modern accutriments that the chicken little’s blame for the CO2 increases in 1890. Can any of them explain it?

I am not assigning to Carolina Pagli motives of decrying man made global warming, as neither the Times Online article, nor the original at the New Scientist, specify that she believes it is Man’s fault. Certainly others reading the articles will believe that it is all Man made. It is an interesting hypothesis, but, there were plenty of volcano’s during colder periods, too. I’d be interested in seeing more.

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