Friday Evening Fun

Yea, yea, new theme. IE 6.x hates the right sidebar, drops it to the bottom, seems to work fine in IE7 and up, as well as, more importantly, Firefox and Opera. If you have old IE, oh well, I am not playing with the html trying to figure it out. Have a few slight things to finish, namely reducing some images sizes on the right sidebar, try and fix some of the “link float” to the right with said photos.

The dinosaur and pig are back!

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4 Responses to “Friday Evening Fun”

  1. Raven says:

    Oh I really like this theme a lot. Yep. Looks great!

    Did you upgrade to WP 2.5 yet? I’m having Tammy do that for JR over the weekend. If it turns out well, then I’ll ask her to do my other sites too.

  2. Thanks, Raven, preciate it. I just wish I could get the right sidebar to work in older IE, but, I’m not going to kill myself trying to fix.

    I upgraded on my back up blog,, and works very well. Only thing that is annoying is where the trackbacks box is, way down the page, but, the ability to embed videos with it is awesome, totally different, and better, then done now with the standard WYSIWYG editor.

    Also, the indent button is hidden in the expandable buttons box, which is really dumb, but, hey, the video thing makes up for it.

    The write box is small, but, new feature is increasing to full page! That is hot!

    I’ll probably upgrade on Sunday. Dreamhost was too slow yesterday to attempt it, and, have to make sure all the plugins work correctly and such. Supposedly, Bad Behavior doesn’t, but, works fine on he backup.

    If you want to see what it looks like and play, email me and I will give you the user name and password.

  3. Jim says:

    Looks good. Really good. There are still people who use IE? Who knew.

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Like the NY Giants & Nj Devils Teach… real classy. East Carolina Pirate proud!

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