GM Envisions Driverless Cars

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Cars that drive themselves – even parking at their destination – could be ready for sale within a decade, General Motors Corp. executives say.

GM, parts suppliers, university engineers and other automakers all are working on vehicles that could revolutionize short- and long-distance travel. And Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner will devote part of his speech to the driverless vehicles.

“This is not science fiction,” Larry Burns, GM’s vice president for research and development, said in a recent interview.

He’s right. I drive about 30 miles to work each day, and it sure seems like lots of cars are driverless to me!

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One Response to “GM Envisions Driverless Cars”

  1. Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1(AW), USN, RET says:

    Check out the Violence Worker’s take on driverless cars. It’s a good one.

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