A Truther Quits

Mike Metzger, one of the founders of the Albany Truther group, has called it quits.  (h/t The Jawa Report)

Change of Heart?

I might be thinking too much of myself, but I’m sure some of you are already jumping to conclusions over my apparent "change of heart." I can hear it already. "Mikey stopped smoking pot, and now he’s ultra-conservative all of sudden." Or, how about "Mikey’s fuckin girlfriend changed him overnight."

If there’s anyone who simplified my situation using one of these rationalizations immediately upon observing the obvious changes in my profile, I don’t think it’s too outrageous to claim that you’re one who quickly jumps to conclusions. I don’t mean to offend anyone (although, I know I am), but I think that statement is rather representative of the entire 9/11 Truth Movement…..

I was a true believer of all this controlled demolition nonsense for a time. I never cared about the physics or the claims of pseudo-"experts." What always did it for me was the fact that there was never a decent response to any of these questions by the government. Even the hit pieces you’d see on 9/11 were always personal attacks. The mainstream never contested the actual "facts" movies like Loose Change presented.

Or so it seemed. After watching Screw Loose Change, I delved into the world of 9/11 Truth debunking. Among my favorites are the Screw Loose Change Blog and 9/11 Myths Finally, someone was answered all these pertinent questions with something that was a bit foreign to me… facts agreed upon by the experts.

There are no facts in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Just a lot of theories, which eventually break down to "hey, we’re just asking questions" if someone questions the validity of such. No structural, civil, or any engineers agree with the truthers. Yet, most of my friends will try to explain the hard physics involved in structural collapses. None of these people are engineers, physicists, or even in a scientific field, for that matter. Someone’s supposed to take their word over an expert’s?

Go read the full thing, and leave him some good thoughts.

Meanwhile, new video from 9/11 (via Screw Loose Change)

Still very disturbing stuff. PS: The embed code doesn’t seem to like Firefox. You can go here.

I’ll try and rip it later and post to Youtube.

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  1. Cao's Blog says:

    unseen footage of 9-11 Flight 175 -South tower…

    Klik hier om het video filmpje te bekijken
    Never before seen 9/11 footage of the 2nd plane crashing.
    Referred to by William Teach at Pirate’s Cove; “A Truther Quits”, video referred to by Screw Loose Change.
    Be careful, this is …

  2. Cao's Blog says:

    A truther quits…

    Confessions of an Ex Truther – brought to my attention by William Teach at Pirate’s Cove
    I was a true believer of all this controlled demolition nonsense for a time. I never cared about the physics or the claims of pseudo-”experts.” W…

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