DU Thread Of The Day: To Ahmanutjob Or Not, That Is The Question

I did not go real far back on the archives looking for Ahmanutjob threads to do a bit of nutpicking, but, apparently, by some of their own words, there were plenty who were simply supporting him, and some DUer’s were wondering why in the hell. I did run across a very interesting thread They NEED to portray Ahmadinejad as the Evil One

  • He is a man who does and says evil things. Just think for a momment  about gays being executed. That is pure evil.
  • He is evil. Not because the neos say so. It’s just fact. Do some "independent research". That is all.
  • The meme that Israel controls the U.S is not only ugly, it’s not true.
  • Ummm………excuse me, but he IS evil, undoubtedly and without question. He is a repressive, dictatorial, authoritarian, hard-line radical Islamist who firmly denies the Holocaust, tortures and executes gays, represses and oppresses women, minorities, Jews, any anyone else who doesn’t exactly fit his "vision." Do you not realize that Iran is theocratic, imposing Sharia law on everyone? I wouldn’t want to be a woman for two seconds in Iran. Do you also not realize that he is likely one of the students who took over the American embassy in 1979 and who helped hold the hostages, OUR FELLOW AMERICANS?

    Just because a leader or person opposes Bush does NOT automatically make him a "good guy", by any means at all. He is a damned good PR person and is exploiting dislike and dissatisfaction with Bush for his own purposes, just like Chavez, another dictator, does.

    The people here who support him remind me of the leftists who blindly supported Stalin, even when his murderous, dictatorial ways were pretty much known.

    Now, I fully and completely agree that any military action against Iran would be utter and total madness and craziness, and have no doubt that we are being manipulated and attempts are being made to whip us up against Iran in order to accomplish that. But that does NOT mean that Ahmadinajad is not an evil repressive dictator unworthy and undeserving of any respect at all. Far from it.

Kudo’s for these folks who understand reality. Alas, you know it has to go downhill, right?

  • pure evil is bombing and killing MILLIONS like bush. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may talk the dark talk, yet his actions are no worse or nearly as bad as those of Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and guess who else? The good old USA! Unless of course you do not look at the actual deaths caused by said countries policies which many here choose to IGNORE!
  • dont forget the people running Israel It’s important to not forget Israel as they are far and away the number one recipient of U.S. aid, as well as diplomatic and ideological support
  • Ahmadinejad is an enemy of Israel and therefor an enemy of the neocon state The bu$h regime will support what ever decision Israel wants. If they want us to attack Iran, we will attack Iran.
  • Why are we not allowed to call bush EVIL or HITLER? damn! bush has a way, way, WAY higher body count than this guy!
  • We must have our "boogy men" – how else could our authoritarian overlords "protect" us?
  • Pointing out Ahmadinejad’s evil is a drumbeat for war. He is evil, I agree with that.

    But why is this being pointed out to us just now?
    Why just Ahmadinejad, there are so many other world leaders that are "evil"

    Remember when Hussein’s evil was pointed out to us,
    remember what happened after that.


BDS and IDS (Israel Derangement Syndrome) raise their ugly heads, along with some good old fashioned "let’s excuse the evil dude." BTW, one of the commenters left a link to what happens to homosexuals in Iran. Warning, graphic.

Meanwhile, Little Green Footballs highlights some of the insanity at the Kos Kidz Konglamarate. Gotta love this quote

Why is it that we can’t host him in our country and allow him to be interviewed without having the press sounding even more like agents of the White House than Bush himself?

Do they ever actually think about or read what they write?

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