DU Thread Of The Day: Screw Patriotism!

Why bother questioning their patriotism? They tell us in their own words that they hate the USA

  • Wow… I Will Salute No More Forever (followed by the meat of the rant)
  • Breathtaking, Heartbreaking For what it’s worth, I think I’ll join him. And go out there and turn my flags upside down.
  • One by one they’re coming to terms with the fact that America is beyond the point of no return.
  • How can we fix what we have done? The first step is admitting that we are to blame…
  • Wow, look what BushCo has brought this country to…this brave soul …stopped short of calling America a fascist state!
  • Some of us were already here forty years ago. I have never owned a flag. My parents have never owned a flag. We don’t hate America. We just know the truth. You know, Vietnam happened. And it wasn’t the first.
  • Wow. Guy’s got guts, in a land where fans are held captive when the stadium blares "America the Beautiful".
  • I’ve stopped singing the national anthem at any event. I just stand there and let the other lemmings do it.
  • Upside Down Flag Flora, it’s a signal of distress. And no one has to salute a flag representing a country that exists in name only.
  • "Patriotism is the most foolish of passions and the passion of fools."
  • It is the most foolish of passions, isn’t it? Really, if you think about it, why the need for patriotism in the 21st century? We should have a global view instead of an isolated nationalistic view.
  • Piss on ALL flags! I am a citizen of the planet Earth…
  • Great Post I refuse to fly the stars & stripes. When I do put a flag out on holidays it is an historical one that shows the snake with the words "Don’t Tread On Me".
  • personally I came to the same conclusion just after September 11th….


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One Response to “DU Thread Of The Day: Screw Patriotism!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    The democrats are now the majority party. If you hate them you hate Americca

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