Sept 15th Protest Photo’s

Found some goodies out on the ‘Net


Cause we have none!

Yet we can still protest. Wazzup wit dat?

Truthers and people who support a political system that killed more then 20 million of their own people.

Can’t you just feel the peace? Anyone got a breath mint? Anyhow, that is usually not a bright idea.

That ain’t a peace sign on his face. Check Hot Air for the full idiot effect.

Was this picture really necessary? No, seriously. How does this photo end up on Yahoo News with the story about the moonbats?

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One Response to “Sept 15th Protest Photo’s”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … one would think that the ‘Make Love Not War Woodstock II Degeneration’ would know that OBL declared jihad on Jews, Crusaders & Allies in February 1998?
    – Make Love AND War against evil islamomaniacs 2007

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