ANSWER Hopes For Civil Disobedience

It’s funny how liberals are always yammering on about Bush destroying the Constitution, tearing it up, ruining it. Yet, they are the first ones to say "hey, let’s violate it!"

Organizers of an anti-war protest scheduled for Sept. 15 said Wednesday that the demonstration will be "unlike any other" as activists gather to demand an immediate end to the war.

The protest, organized by Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), begins with a rally near the White House, continues with a march to the U.S. Capitol, and concludes with a "die-in" that organizers estimate will involve approximately 1,000 people lying down near the Capitol in a symbolic effort to represent dead U.S. soldiers and dead Iraqis.

Brian Becker, ANSWER’s national coordinator, told reporters at a news conference Wednesday that the demonstration "will be unlike any other anti-war protest in recent years because it will culminate in a massive civil disobedience," referring to the "die-in."

That would be in direct violation of the 1st Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

But, hey, Liberals have a long history of gathering violently. They were the ones who originally made up the KKK. They were the ones creating violence during the Vietnam War protests, and, more recently, they were the ones who were smearing feces on themselves to avoid arrest at the 2004 GOP Convention. Can you imagine doing that to yourself? Seriously, they are worse then dogs. At least the dog is rolling in feces for the smell, which they seem to like, in other words, they are having fun. Where is the fun in a human smearing themselves in feces? Libs can complain about Larry Craig potentially soliciting gay sex, but, I think smearing oneself with feces is a large measure worse.

Even St. Cindy is coming out of "retirement"

"If the rest of America heard about it," Sheehan said of the protest efforts scheduled for the weekend, "it might really start a revolution."

Delusions are fun, aren’t they? Does she really think anyone who follows the news wouldn’t have heard about these nutbags, and it will start a revolution? Your "reality based community," folks. Big snicker.

On the bright side

Dubbed "Operation Eagle Justice," the GOE events will start with a rally on the National Mall and conclude with a counter-demonstration along the ANSWER march route. "As ANSWER and their allies in the hate-America crowd will stumble by, we will treat them to some good old-fashioned, red-blooded American ‘free speech,’" the group says on its Web site.

Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission, a group of Gold Star and Blue Star families, will have a small presence at the GOE rally, according to National Chair Merilee Carlson. But the group’s main events will come in the days following anti-war efforts.

Carlson said 500 Families United members will visit Washington to tour the city, visit war memorials and participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday. Members will tour the U.S. Capitol and meet with elected officials Tuesday.

So, these groups will be out their in support of troops and our nation, while the liberal groups will be out there trying to force a loss in Iraq, which is basically the battleground WE have chosen to fight radical Islam, as well as tearing America down. I know which side I will always fall on, regardless of who is in the White House or controls Congress. To me, there is a huge difference between making America better-and, just like everything, we can always make things better: Jerry Rice always practiced, right?-and tearing America down in order to completely change it. Liberals tend to go for the latter.

Liberals’ America:


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20 Responses to “ANSWER Hopes For Civil Disobedience”

  1. Silke says:

    What does civil disobedience have to do with the violating the First Amendment? The First Amendment limits government, not the people. It explicitly prohibits Congress from making laws that would limit the right to assemble peaceably.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    How appropriate WT – the lovely red, white and blue on the anniversary of Francis Scott Key’s writing of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on September 14, 1814!

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Favor WT… in reference to your lovely patriette babes: “ABOUT FACE!”

  4. But, see, Silke, they are planning on doing things that get themselves arrested. That is not peaceable.

    Glad ya liked it, Darth. Had that one sitting around for awhile now.

  5. Silke says:

    Yes, I understand they could be arrested but what does that have to do with the First Amendment? That it contains the phrase “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” is irrelevant. Again, only the government can be in violation of the First Amendment, not the people.

  6. That is a very interesting point, Silke, which I could not argue against at this time, and, I would say you are correct.

    That said, they may not be in violation of the Bill of Rights, but, the government can, in fact, institute laws against people protesting un-peaceably. And that is what they appear to be attempting to do, and have done in the past. Then they will use those completely legal and Consitutional arrests to make their absurd “facist” and “Bush is destroying the Consitution” claims, despite the arrest being their own fault and intention.

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  9. I’d put up a hotty for you women, but, you know, don’t want to appear non-Piratical 🙂

  10. Rosemary says:

    LOL. Why don’t you put one up there as he’s walking the plank? LOL.

  11. Rosemary says:

    Now that’s more like it! lol. Where was he? On a high wire? Oh my!

  12. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … it’s late…no coffee yet…I needed one more visual to stimulate my senses and get UP… still waiting for that about face photo WT… – Colonel Lingus Finger Licking Good 2007!

  13. Rosemary says:

    Oh my, what have I started here? lol. Hey, wait a minute…wasn’t it your post that started this? No matter.

    You are just going to have to get up by yourself! Poor thing. LOL

  14. No fear, I have plenty more evil photos. Way too many. I run across this stuff, save it, and forget about it. My folder for all this stuff (which doesn’t include personal pictures, is like 211MB.

  15. Rosemary says:

    Oh my! So that’s what you’ve been doing with your time. Hmm… 😉

  16. John says:

    you are a dumb motherfucker. why did you make “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble” in bold? was the die in violent? they just layed down. and the counter protester sheep were there, and had arguments as ridiculous and simple minded as yours.

  17. Now that was funny, John. Before you call someone dumb, perhaps you should learn proper English, punctuation, and capitalization.

    I think I was pretty clear: their intent was to get arrested. Hence, they were looking to not assemble peaceably.

  18. Rosemary says:

    You tell ‘im, Teach! 😉

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