Climate Change Conference Causes Climate Change

Anyone notice the hypocrisy?

Rising sea levels are likely to prompt mass migrations accompanied by conflicts and sanitary crises, requiring urgent planning to guarantee food and other essentials, a UN conference on climate change heard.

Emergency funds of $67 billion by 2030 "may represent the lower bound of the amount actually required,” the United Nations said in a report to the meeting in Vienna. Money is needed to ensure access to food supplies, healthcare and infrastructure.

"These issues are certainly going to be a factor,” said the senior climate negotiator for the U.S. State Department, Harlan Watson, late yesterday. "Climate change can exacerbate already underlying tensions.”

About 1,000 diplomats, scientists and business leaders from 150 countries are attending the Vienna Climate Change Talks organized by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Yet again, I will ask, "how did they get there? How are they getting around town? What is their lifestyle while there?" Buying carbon offsets just doesn’t cut it. And really has little scientific basis that they do anything.

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