1 In 3 Say Will Not Evacuate In Face Of Hurricane

Hey, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here on another interactive White Trash Wednesday. Bringing you the ugly truth, heeeeeere’s WRAL

About one in three people living in Southern coastal areas said they would ignore hurricane evacuation orders if a storm threatened their community, up from about one in four last year, a poll released Tuesday shows.

The survey found the most common reasons for not evacuating were the same ones that topped last year’s Harvard University poll: People believe that their homes are safe and well-built, that roads would be too crowded and that fleeing would be dangerous. Slightly more than one in four also said they would be reluctant to leave behind a pet.

And, when one comes through, and they are whining for Bush and the feds to "do something," I say, ignore the screwballs. Let them suffer in the circumstance of their own making. There is no reason to help people who have put themselves willingly in stupid situations. Rather Darwinian, eh?

Is that were people really want to be in the middle of a hurricane?

Or stuck in the home when this happens?

It gets better, though

The survey also looked specifically at about 500 residents of the New Orleans area, which was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The survey found that six in 10 people in that area did not know the location of an evacuation shelter, compared with four in 10 elsewhere.

Seriously, Beth’s word "fucktard" really does apply 100%. When it comes to hurricanes, people seem to have short memories. Andrew? Hugo? Gloria? Opal? Fran? Floyd? Folks learned jack shit from Katrina, only two years ago, but will certainly still complain if another hurricane comes through, probably blaming Bush and global warming because he didn’t sign Kyoto. Maybe we will hear a few calls about cannibalism.

New Orleans respondents also were less confident they would be rescued if necessary – 54 percent as opposed to 69 percent elsewhere.

Here’s an idea: find out where the shelters are, or find a way to get your ass out of the path of the hurricane! Have people become so reliant on the government that they cannot even make a life saving decision on their own?

Here’s a good idea: let’s stick around during a storm that can move a massive building on a barge well up on to land.

Granted, it would be helpful if the local, county, and state officials would implement their action plans to get those without transportation out of the way, but, people have to take some responsibility for themselves. If you stay when a massive hurricane is coming, and get yourself in a bad situation, who is to blame? Not evacuating when you know it is coming places the blame squarely on the person who chooses to stay.

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