Italy Arrests Three For Using Mosque For Terrorism

I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked. To think Muslims would use their holy places for violence is unbelievable (is there an emoticon for sarcasm?)

(AdelaideNow) POLICE in central Italy arrested three Moroccans today after finding films and internet downloads at a mosque they believe was used for training militants for "terrorist acts".

Police in Perugia said they believed the men, one an imam, had used a mosque at Ponte Felcino, on the outskirts of the town, as a training camp for international terrorism.

Materials seized included instructions on how to fly a Boeing 747.

"The investigations documented how the suspects… were undertaking a laborious and in-depth operation of instruction and training in the use of weapons and combat techniques suitable for terrorist acts," the police said in a statement.

Police said they were seeking a fourth Moroccan.

Should we question the timing? Europe continues to learn that they are not excempt from the rage of the Islamic extremists, no matter how much the people protest and try to ignore the issue.

"This shows the necessity to pay close attention to a place which should only be used for religious activity," Interior Minister Giuliano Amato said in a statement.

We should be paying close attention to them here, as well. Of course, the ACLU and CAIR pitch fits when we doing anything to protect ourselves from the radicals. Now, if the feds were watching a Christian church or a synagogue, the ACLU would be A-OK with that.

More: See-Dubya at Hot Air writes: Italy doesn’t seem particularly ashamed of admitting that it has mosques under surveillance for illegal activities. In fact, they’re bragging about it:

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