New Female Police Academy Being Built In Iraq

You just know this is going to truly piss off all those mysoginist Muslim extremist.

AN NASIRIYAH, Iraq, July 5, 2007 — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is helping to create new situations to enable Iraqi women to take an active part in the reconstruction and security restoration of Iraq.

“The Corps of Engineers is building a new Female Training Police Station (FTPS) in An Najaf Province,” said Army Lt. Col. Jan Carter, senior project manager, Gulf Region South (GRS), Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq (MNSTC-I). “It is a three-story facility with offices, jail cells, an armory, a communications room, guard towers, sleeping quarters and a courtyard for training new female police officers.”

“The objective for building the $134,000 female training police station is to help advise, organize and train Iraqi female officers on basic infantry tactics from squad to battalion level to further enhance the Iraqi police stations,” Carter said.

“This project is very important and will help to eliminate terrorist acts and restore security in the Iraqi provinces,” she said.

This is really fantastic. All over so much of the Muslim world, women are second class citizens, even in the so called "moderate" Muslim countries and communities. Empowering them as police officers is a good way to show Muslim men that women are more then just objects of play.

An Iraqi female officer said, “As an Iraqi woman, I wish I could see more changes in the Iraqi community. I joined the Iraqi Army to participate in the noble mission of restoring security in Iraq. I want to see all the Iraqi people happy and living in peace.”

We all hope that. Well, most of us, anyhow. Where are all the hardcore liberal womens groups around the world? Mostly, ignoring the plight of women in Iraq and other Muslim communities. It is more important for them to put aside their ideals to engage in BDS, leading them to be anti-Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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2 Responses to “New Female Police Academy Being Built In Iraq”

  1. Stacy says:

    They’ve always ignored these women. Women who are victims of abuse, FGM, social outcasts; why? Because these women do not fit into their agenda. And because Bush was the one who helped advance it. One would think that organizations such as NOW would praise what has been happening in Iraq and Afghanistan; but no, it would interfere with their master plan. Ugh.

  2. Their hypocrisy is very disturbing

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