Illegals: Killing People Americans Won’t

Imagine my shock and dismay when I read this

(06/05/07 — RALEIGH) – Eyewitness News has learned the man charged with drunken driving in crash that killed a man Monday morning is in the United States illegally.

Sources with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in Wake County tell Eyewitness News this afternoon that Michael Caldera De Latorre, 24, is an illegal alien. ICE officials also said De Latorre tried to enter the United States at least twice before, both times in April of 2004.

In both instances, De Latorre was apprehended by federal agents and returned to his home country of Mexico voluntarily.

It is not known when De Latorre successfully crossed into the United States. Immigrations officials have put what’s called a detainer on De Latorre, meaning that if he is able to post his $1.2 million bond, he will be released in ICE custody and could be deported.

President Bush? Mr. Chertoff? Senators McCain, Kennedy, and all those who support amnesty for illegals, and are failing to enforce the laws of the United States of America, are you taking note?

De LaTorre, 24, faces a number of charges including DWI, felony death by motor vehicle, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Authorities said he was behind the wheel of a Chevy Tahoe that crossed the I-40 median at Wade Avenue Monday morning, slamming into two cars.

George Smith, 54, of Cary died. Carolyn Hageman, 35, of Apex was driving the second car the SUV hit. She suffered non-life threatening injuries.

I am so angry that, quite frankly, I can hardly find the words to express the way I feel about this. This is my town, the city I live in. I have been on that section of Wade Avenue numerous times. Like so many of y’all out there in the ‘sphere, I have heard these kinds of stories before. Too many times, in fact. But this really brings the issue home.

That is Michael Caldera De Latorre. Authorities do not even know if that is his real name. He killed an American citizen and hurt another while here illegally for a third time. President Bush and many in the Senate want to give him amnesty. (Picture from WRAL, who also has the story.)

That is George Smith, whose family and friends last bit of quality time with him will be at a funeral. Remember those faces, Mr. President and other amnesty supporters.

It’s a shame that there are no provisions to file impeachment or recall motions against federally elected "representatives."

Confederate Yankee calls De Latorre the Republican Willie Horton.

Firewolf has his 6 Point Plan for solving the illegal immigration problem. Agree 100%.

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8 Responses to “Illegals: Killing People Americans Won’t”

  1. David says:

    “Authorities do not even know if that is his real name.” And, if the Mexican government has its way, that’s exactly what we will be looking at with the amnesty bill. The Mexican consulates have already been doing the full court press on having consular “matriculation cards” accepted as legal ID of Mexican citizens for the purposes of obtaining drivers licenses in the U.S. and… the consulates have repeatedly admitted that they have no intention of verifying the identity of “Mexican citizens” who apply for matricular cards, nor do they think it appropriate for them to inquire as to the immigration status of those who come to them claiming to be Mexican citizens.

    IOW, they want the U.S. to give ’em IDs based on non-verifiable fake IDs.

    But in Mexico? Nuh-uh. You had better be able to PROVE who you are and that you are in the country in full compliance with ALL its immigration/work laws or your ass is grass.

    ANd an illegal alien who kills a Mexican citizen? Sure, torture is technically forbidden, but it’s just normal procedure, whenever the Mexican law enforcement authorities desire. Anytime.

    Prison is too good for this guy. Should he be sent to prison in the U.S., will still live in circumstances better than he’d likely have as a free man in Mexico and circumstances several orders of magnitude above what he’d experience in a Mexican prison.

  2. What’s Everybody Talking About…

    Taking a look at what’s going on from my blogroll …….

  3. Scrapiron says:

    Over 19,000 murders last year. How many of them were by criminal Mexican aliens. The percentage would shock the nation if we could find it and get it out. No such thing as an illegal, only a criminal can ‘slip’ into the U.S.

  4. John Ryan says:

    Where was he working ? Who hired him ? The way to clear out the illegals is to stop giving them jobs.
    Take a look and see how many illegals are working at the big chicken and pork factories.
    Ask why Bush never prosecuted American business for hiring and welcoming them here.

  5. I gotta agree with all of you. If the federales would just start with securing the borders as best we can, and nail business with huge fines for employing illegals, we could cut it down, and have a real, viable, decent, legal immigration and migrant worker system.

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  7. […] to the USA. They sure seem willing to obey the law. Perhaps Dean can explain that to the family of George Smith, killed by an illegal alien, who came across the border illegally three separate […]

  8. Mike Ragon says:

    A racist automatically makes assumptions based on ethnicity. Scrapiron is a racist because the person does not know the percentage of the 19k murders, he/she admits not knowing but ASSUMES that it is high. Scrapiron= racist This is what divides this country and fosters hate.
    Next time check for facts before shooting off your mouth,
    By the way, go ahead and bable amongst yourselves, I only landed on this site by accident from Google and will not bother to return.

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