Daily Archives: May 30, 2007

Global Warming Causes Tropical Cyclones. Yawn

Or so the headline states: Global warming: Tropical storms revealed as new factor in heat mix But, is that just paranoia? PARIS (AFP) – Hurricanes and typhoons play a significant role in distributing the ocean’s heat, say US researchers, who believe they have uncovered a major, but hitherto-ignored aspect of global warming. Driven by mighty […]

Jerkoffs Of The Internet

You know, when they invented the Internet (insert Gore joke here), I bet they never thought it would be used for pure assholery. There are all sorts of sites devoted to wacko’s, people that should be simply locked in a small room with no windows, out there, that, out in the real world, would barely […]

More Al Qaeda Threats

Speaking straight to liberals world wide From Brietbart An American member of Al-Qaeda warned in an Internet video that US President George W. Bush should withdraw all his troops from Muslim land or face attacks worse than September 11. Adam Gadahn, a convert to Islam who has been indicted for treason by a US jury, […]

WTW: Asian Americans Frightening People!

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here on another fine White Trash Wednesday. And these folks are out there frightening people (CNSNews.com) – Asian-American advocacy groups voiced their opposition Tuesday to the immigration reform package under consideration by the U.S. Senate, calling it "unacceptable" and "anti-family." "To us the most important debate on the pending Senate bill […]

Slim Stats and WP 2.2

I upgraded to WP 2.2 the other day, mostly seems to be good. A hint, though: it does not seem to like Slim Stats. While the actual blog worked fine, something went kablooie, moving from one back end file to another, blocking the ability to use the admin panel. Removed it, A-OK. Going to try […]

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