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Pirates of The Caribbean 3: At Worlds End

16 days left, ya sea rats! Your Pirate Name Is… Iron Terence the Terrible What’s Your Pirate Name?  

Surrender Today: Democrats Make New Pitch

I do believe I mentioned something about waiting for the democrats to "regroup for another round of "cut and run" legislation" a little earlier. I had no idea it would come so quick WASHINGTON (AP) – House Democratic leaders planned to brief party members Tuesday on new legislation that would fund the Iraq war through […]

Peaceful Islam Today

In New Jersey Federal investigators last night arrested six men who were planning a heavily-armed armed attack against soldiers at Fort Dix as part of a jihad against America, according to two law enforcement sources. The men had conducted surveillance of the Army base and were caught allegedly attempting to purchase AK-47s to carry out […]

Aside: Knowledge Is Power

Just when you thought the Lefties couldn’t get any wonkier, SandraK goes and proves us wrong. Extreme use of license plates.

Reparations For Guam

Just when I thought it was going to be a boring news day, what with the Dems 100 day legislative blitz done with (snicker) and them regrouping for another round of "cut and run" legislation, I catch this story via Michelle Malkin A federal commission recommended yesterday that the U.S. government provide $125 million to […]

Tuesday Linkfest: Who’s Investigating Feinstein?

Seriously, where are the Congressional investigations? Where are any? Who is looking in to Diane Feinstein and her military contracts? Congress is all hot and bothered over the justice department lawyers WASHINGTON (CNN) — Congressional investigators are looking into new allegations a top official at the Justice Department illegally hired career lawyers based on their […]

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