Been Busted? Don’t Expect To Enter Canada

Amazing, simply amazing

There was a time not long ago when a trip across the border from the United States to Canada was accomplished with a wink and a wave of a driver's license. Those days are over.

Take the case of 55-year-old Lake Tahoe resident Greg Felsch. Stopped at the border in Vancouver this month at the start of a planned five-day ski trip, he was sent back to the United States because of a DUI conviction seven years ago. Not that he had any idea what was going on when he was told at customs: "Your next stop is immigration.''

Felsch was ushered into a room. "There must have been 75 people in line," he says. "We were there for three hours. One woman was in tears. A guy was sent back for having a medical marijuana card. I felt like a felon with an ankle bracelet.''

OK, that is the right of the Canadian government. I wonder if it is being applied to anyone from any country coming to Canada?

Meanwhile, though, lots and lots of people are having issues with restricting the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S.A, wanting to give them easy citizenship, and American Rights. Funny how lots of those illegal immigrants, hell, legal immigrants, have rap sheets a mile long, with offenses much worse then a DUI or a bust for smoking pot in 1975.

The Gun Toting Liberal highlights the newest amnesty for illegals bill, and has an appeal to those on the Left. Well worth the read, whether you are Left or Right.

I didn't inject politics into my comment there, but, here I will say, many, heck, maybe most, on the left are for the illegals because those on the right, excepting President Bush and most Republicans in Congress, are against illegals. Interesting that so many on the left are in the position of agreeing with President Bush.

As GTL writes, if you are for worker rights, and good worker wages, you should not be supporting illegal aliens and amnesty. That is just one of many good reasons.

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