Pardon The Border Agents: Video

I haven't mentioned the plight of the border agents in a few days or so, and there are two video's out from This is the sixty second spot.

[gv data=”hc8oCOvjyxk”][/gv]

You can also watch the 30 second spot. Hopefully, President Bush will watch them, and take notice, and finally do something about this issue. Like pardon them.

Not to dilute the message, but, way to go Beaufort County!

Commissioners in Beaufort County in eastern North Carolina have voted to Remove non-English signs and information materials from county property.

Commissioner Hood Richardson said he was concerned about the nation becoming bilingual when he proposed the idea.

The policy doesn't apply to programs mandated by the state and federal government, including health and social services offices.

I heard an interview with Mr. Richardson this morning on WPTF, and he made a very interesting point, to wit, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written in English. To follow that, so was the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, all the documents leading up to writting the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, the Star Spangled Banner, and God Bless America, among others. Hey, if you want to come to our country legally, welcome! Learn to converse with the existing residents.

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