Courtney Friel, Add Another To The Conservative Side

Remember the "Ours versus Theirs" poster? Time to add another one to the list of "Ours."

(World Net Daily) The newest correspondent and substitute anchor on Fox News Channel, frequently criticized for focusing on glitz and sex, pulled a gallery of swimsuit photos from her website today after the leading cable news network announced her hiring.

Courtney Friel most recently served as host of "World Poker Tour," according to her resume.

Courtney's hiring pretty much followed on the heals of Kiran Chetry leaving Fox, with rumors swirling that her contract was cancelled due to her wanting Gretchen Carlson canned. Chetry is over at CNN now, I wish her luck, especially if she harbors any pro American tendencies.

Oh, well. Enjoy

courtney friel courtney friel

While Soledad O'Brien isn't paisley, I reckon Courtney beats her hands down. Check out the GOP Babe of the Week over at JerseyGOP.

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One Response to “Courtney Friel, Add Another To The Conservative Side”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Moment of silence for Ex-Fox News Channel Babe Kiran Chetry! Kiran
    no-doubt Paula Zhanned Fox News execs and fellow co-anchor babes. Now Kiran and Paula can spew their liberal feelings of secular relativisms on the CNN Communist News Nutwork! Go to to see future anchor babe potential – The Page 3 anchors? My FAVORITE FOX NEWS BABE is the Darling of D.C. – Miss Molly ‘Pure Bread’ Henneberg. Molly is 100% class, bright and gorgeous! On a scale of 1-10…Molly rates an ’11’ ! Brit Hume is the man to beat at 6 p.m. (EST) and nobody comes close to his Special Report – NOT even Geico Caveman stunt double Wolf Wolf Blitzer! Wolf and Eddie Munster are twins, eh?

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