Global Warming Today: Hi, Babs!

I have gotten some good milage out of a New York Times article on the Senate Surrender In Iraq resolution, and, there is one more great blurb

Many Americans, of course, often have to work weekends. But the threat of a Saturday roll-call vote — attendance is taken, absences are noted — sent alarms across the Senate, particularly among those who hastily rearranged their presidential campaign schedules.

At least two Democratic senators, Barbara Boxer of California and Patty Murray of Washington, were already on planes for the West Coast, but aides said they intended to return to Washington for the Saturday vote.

Boxer has been a huge proponent of Global Warming as Caused By Mankind. Search the news aggregators, such as Yahoo and Google News, and you find many, many articles about the subject that she is mentioned in. Here is a good example

A panel of U.S. senators told lawmakers from about 20 countries that political pressure is building in Washington to commit to mandatory cuts in carbon emissions, despite opposition from President Bush.

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer said the venue for the lawmakers forum sent a message in itself. "I think the fact that we are having a world leaders summit on climate change in Washington, is in itself newsworthy," she said.

From what I understand, flying round trip coast to coast puts approximately 50 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. So, Babs is, according to her beliefs, part of the problem. Guess cutting CO2 output only applies to others, not herself.

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  2. John Ryan says:

    Only 34 Republicans voted against

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