Pelosi Planegate Continues

I preciously mentioned Pelosi requesting a miltary plane for moving herself and her family around here. Now, it seems that what she really wants is a military jumbo jet to move herself and her whole posse' around the country

Republicans on Wednesday assailed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request for access to an Air Force transport plane as an extravagance, though former Speaker Dennis Hastert flew in a military jet as well.

Republicans are taking issue with the size of the plane Pelosi has requested. Pelosi had asked for access to a C-32 plane, a military version of the Boeing 757-200.

Which happens to put 50 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere for each round trip. Not very environmentally friendly, eh?

A Defense Department spokesman said Wednesday that the Pentagon informed Pelosi's staff that she would be provided with a plane but that its size would be based on availability.

Navy Cmdr. Jefrey Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman, said Wednesday that Pelosi would be offered "shuttle service for no more than 10 passengers between Washington and San Francisco only based on aircraft availability."

"This does not guarantee nonstop transport," Gordon said.

Now, I have no problem with the House Speaker getting use of a miltary plane to move her back and forth. She is number three in the government in line for the presidency. However, she wants major perks, and wants large numbers of her staff flown around. Dennis Hastert was flown in a small plane. Why can't Nancy accept some sort of restrictions? Or, is it Queen Nancy?

Heck, I have never been all that happy with presidents, including Bush, flying around the country in the large jumbo jets used for Air Force One. Going overseas is one thing, flying around the country is another. It costs millions for each flight, and puts out lots of pollution.

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2 Responses to “Pelosi Planegate Continues”

  1. Maggie says:

    I don’t want to be bothered doing the hard work but I know that I can safely say I’d put the travel time/expenses of Bush up against the Clintons any old day… say nothing of the “State Dinner” costs.

    Fox News has reported that one of the reasons the UN officials hate Bush is that they don’t get invits to the W.H. anymore. The “damn cowboy” needs to be in bed by nine!

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Pirates Bucs and Scalawags – Right after the Arkansas ‘Hill Bill ies’
    departed the White House Oral, er, Oval Office – on January 20, 2001 -thanks to the Sorelosermans failing to win Tennessee AND/OR Arkansas ten weeks earlier, the ‘Hill Bill ies’ travel expenses were published and only REPORTED on the Fox News channel and C-Span. They were Ma$$ivE…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,
    especially when Wunderbar Chelsea kept fying back and forth to Stanford ‘U’ during her incredible THREE YEAR graduation accomplishments! Also, when Hillary & Chelsea took the entire Black American Caucus to AFRICA for two weeks, the taxpayers footed the BILLS – cause THEY didn’t pay afterwards! Now Skreecher of the House Nancy demands a C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster or a Playboy 737 sized jumbo jet to fly her AND her San Fran Sickos – the Mile High Clubbers ‘R Us – back and forth to the Looney Left Coast. The Dem-Libs lied their way to a 2006 election win, and the minority votes that put them back into the majority – won’t be flying on the NANCY THREE USAF jumbo jet. ‘Political Power’, like vanity – is Satan’s favorite sin! As for their lame terrorism security claims – Al-Qaeda LOVES Nancy and the Dem-Libs….THEY would NEVER shoot her aircraft down. Osama bin Laden and his radical Islamic wackos ARE an ALLY of the 19 Blue States (BS) of Socialism!

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