Are You Ready For Some Football (streaking)?

I think it is a litte warm out there

They call me the flash

nfl cheerleader hotties

CBS, during their pregame coverage, has had all their crew, at least that I have witnessed, wearing American Flags on their lapels. Do you think that liberals are freaking out and turning off the coverage? I do.

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4 Responses to “Are You Ready For Some Football (streaking)?”

  1. Mullah Cimoc says:

    Mullah Cimoc say ameriki so obedient slave of masters in tel aviv. Like happy dog run to and fro.

    two bad things for amerika. for one such, the woman of ameriki be slut take LBT (low back tattoo)men get hair gel and nail makeover and become like homosexual.

    Second, iraq war for to punish ameriki nation to teach to fear god, be kind, not kill abortion the too many babies, ameriki need mexican take over contry for woman have disease in sex organ cannot bring the child.

    Now devil lose in ameriki and make all the girl take the shot for destroy repoductionorgan of the ameriki woman. for this iran president be telling true for ameriki destroyed but by self. so sad. benjamin franklin so ashamed to see ameriki now, men like woman, woman boss man, kill the baby, work for devil employment kill so many muslim, dstroy mind of ameriki solider. now evry day so many committing suicide because when satan finish with this man he make him kill self for final humilitation. Is usually hanging true? Not by gun but by the hanging for the guilt and ashamed.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Infidel Greetings Mullah ‘Allah Ackbar’ Cimoc,

    This proud Great Satan Air Force veteran of the Persian Gulf War saw the death and destruction that your fellow Iraqi camel jockeys did when they invaded Kuwait. The vaunted Republican Guard
    thugs hung Kuwaiti citizens with piano wire, in the same fashion as Saddam Hussein’s role models did in World War II – the Waffen SS! That’s right Mullah Cimoc – the Iraqis, the Iranians,
    and the Palestinians are similar to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich Nazis for you all HATE the Jews! Also, mull this around Mullah Cimoc – Benjamin Franklin never brainwashed his colonists
    into believing that if one of our patriotic minutemen blew themselves up in the name of GOD –
    the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and killed innocent colonists and tories during the American Revolutionary War against the British – he WOULD be rewarded in the after life with 72 virgins in a Heavenly Palace of Poon Tang Pleasure! And finally Mullah Cimoc – if your radical Islamic terrorist world really thinks that America is a paper tiger and that we’re afraid of dying when it comes to protecting our loved ones, homeland, freedoms and way of life, then ask yourself the following question? Why has America been blest and survived over the last 230 years? “Go ahead Mullah………+ make my day +………..!

  3. Mullah Cimoc says:

    Mullah Cimoc say this man so stupid bevcause watch so many jack bauer tv shows. now world just big cartoon in him mind.

    this man called the generalizer. mr. stupid man: gneralizing is always mistake for human being so complicate and so many different. not all muslim same. not all white man same, except for aermiki now become sissy like homosexual.

    We think you lie because air force not involved in ground war cannot see these things claiming so just make up lies. In waziristan them called war stories and everyone know exaggeration time

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    How’s the weather Mullah Cimoc in Utah? The way you express your thoughts tells me that you no doubt received a public school education (ed jew
    kay shun) in New York City? It takes a village, huh Hillary? Lawrence of Utah probably was in the Honor Society too when he spent 8-years in ‘high school’! What’s this “WE THINK YOU LIE” Islamoarabic Code chatter? I guess the “WE” means that Al-Qaeda cells are a possibility in the Mister Donut shops in the 45th state of A M E R I C A – AMERICA – Ahhhhh Merrrrr I Caaaaaaaa –
    Utah, who entered statehood on January 4, 1896 –
    GO BYU COUGARS and Mormon Football Rules!
    If you need someone to make the holes in your donuts – just ask! ‘WAZIRISTAN’? When our C-5 Galaxy toilets were full we used to fly over WAZIRISTAN to ‘dump’ our ‘contents’! It’s all about ones bodily fluids – they are precious!
    As for ’24’ – I don’t watch it, but #24 Jeff Gordon is a good show. Is NASCAR in Utah? God, and the Great Spirit – not Allah – bless the Utes & Aggies & Cougars!

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