Tornado’s In Florida: Compassionate Hufftards

By now, most people know about the horrific tornado's in Florida today. How do those compassionate liberals feel?

  •  It is sad that 14 people lost their lives to these tornados. God must be really mad at the folks from Stupidistan because god has been dropping some really bad storms throughout Stupidistan this past year.
  • "Vengeance is Mine" sayeth the Lord upon the Land of the Plebiscite obfuscaters.
  • Florida is a good place for the wrath of god to happen. Why didn't Pat Robertson stop these tornadoes.Or was satan at work? I say, in accordance with the christianity-religionists biblical understanding, that God was smiting the fundamentalists for their false doctrines, ie:the rapture,. The fundamentalists god in Florida is the god of storms, earthquakes, war, famine, retribution, revenge and hate. ALL THE WHILE PROFESSING THEIR CONCERN FOR THE UNBORN BUT NOT BEING CONCERNED ABOUT THE BORN. It's all them queers in Ft. Lauderdale and Key West that god wants to kill, with the aforementioned implements, and this is just a little COLLATERAL DAMAGE.
  • "How long will it be until one of you blames this storm on "global warming." I dunno. Not very long. I blame the increase in intensity of storms on: global warming/climate change due to pollution. Anyone who doesn't do so is a miserable braindead dick.
  • These storms are gods retribution against the christian-religionist-zionist zealots in Florida for their false doctrines[ie:the rapture]which blaspheme god, the god of their image. The christianity-religionists have made their god in the image of man, another false doctrine.
  • Is Florida's problem hurricanes, or shitty half-assed home construction? Since when to hurricanes reduce houses to sticks? (today's clueless moonbat prize winner.)

Welcome to the modern Democratic Party.

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One Response to “Tornado’s In Florida: Compassionate Hufftards”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    I’m surprised the Libs ‘R Us Tree Hugger SS haven’t blamed President
    Bush 43 already for Florida’s devestating Twisters yesterday – like they did when the New Orleans levies broke during Katrina. Our USAF C-5’s flew down to Homestead AFB after it was destroyed by Mother Nature a few years ago and to this day I respect Father Nature-GOD, and Mother Nature, especially when one witnesses death & destruction.

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