Ports Security Bill Passed

As I mentioned before, a Ports Security Bill was working its way through Congress. They finally passed the darn thing on Friday

Congress approved a major ports security bill early Saturday, providing new steps to prevent terrorists from slipping a nuclear, chemical or biological device into one of the 11 million shipping containers entering the nation every year.

Passage of the bill was the last act of the House as lawmakers left for a five-week election campaign during which candidates will be trying to prove to voters their commitment to keeping America safe in the war on terrorism. The Senate passed it by a voice vote, sending it to the president for his signature.

While this does some good to protect the ports, providing $400 million a year for inspection, installation of radiation detectors, and background checks, among others, this is little more then window dressing and political manuevering. It is playing proactive defense. If they Muzzies really want to get us, they will find a way. Still, at  least they are making the attempt at protecting the infrastructure, though it should be the states and companies involved with the ports that provide the money and means to protect the ports.

This Bill also blows out the whiny democratic meme that our ports are not being protected. However, they are still complaining that there is nothing in the Bill about protecting the rail system. Two thoughts

  1. The Federal gov't is getting a wee bit too much involved in what States, counties, towns, and private companies should be doing. You would think the Dems would be happy with that.
  2. If the Dems are so concerned about the rail system, why don't they offer a piece of legislation on the Congressional floor?

Apparently, part of the reason it took so long was that critters from both sides were trying to attach pork to the Bill, knowing that it would make it to the President's desk and be signed.

In the end, the only major add-on was legislation to restrict Internet gambling. Also attached was a measure, pushed by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., to help communities lacking telecommunications infrastructure install sirens and other emergency alert systems.

I'll be interested to read the final Bill and see what did get tagged.

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One Response to “Ports Security Bill Passed”

  1. Stacy says:

    critters from both sides were trying to attach pork to the Bill,

    I’ve had it with pork; makes you want to hate all politicians.

    And yes, this bill is smoke and mirrors.

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