Weapons Cache Near Mosque and Linkfest

I was originally looking for some of the good stories from Iraq at DefenseLink, which rarely make it into the MSM, and ran across this story:

With only a crescent moon, the stars and night-vision goggles to light the path, Iraqi Security Forces and elements of 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division moved on several objectives during the early morning hours.

The stakes in this operation were high because the mission was to search a mosque and its surrounding muhalla in Doura neighborhood’s southern region of Abu T’schir in the Rasheed district.

Iraqi Special Operations Forces had been given the mission to move on the first objective, the Kathamayan Mosque, while elements of 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment secured the outer cordon and provided several roof-top observation teams for the mission.

A decision had been made to search the mosque and surrounding area, due to tips that terrorists had been using it as a base. And what happened?

As the search was winding down, a local citizen stepped forward with information about a weapons cache belonging to the mosque, said Rutigliano. The cache was in a red shipping container positioned next to the Kathamayan Mosque.

Although further investigation of the cache would have to wait until an explosive ordnance disposal team could determine the container was not booby trapped, it was later discovered that 15 120mm artillery rounds, 15 81mm artillery rounds, two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, four RPG rounds,12 RPG boosters, nine 60mm artillery rounds, five Iraqi uniforms, an 81mm artillery tube, 1,900 7.62mm rounds, a mortar tripod, an automatic machine gun, three 81mm rounds, four AK-47 magazines, two fuses, and two hand grenades were inside the shipping container.

So much for mosques being sacred to some Muslims.

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6 Responses to “Weapons Cache Near Mosque and Linkfest”

  1. Bailey Colorado : Another Sign of Our Decline…

    I’m too young to know a time when we weren’t under attack from all sides. We are a generation at war – and it’s time to wake up. If we don’t stand up for our Civilization soon, it will be too late. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be …

  2. I love the Pirate Tracks logo, BTW.

    And, lemme say this: if Muzzies want their Mosques to remain “holy”, then stop hiding f—ing weapons in them! Or I say, blow up the suckers.

    It’s not like Muzzies hold other religions’ houses of worship in high regard – they usually destroy them and build mosques on top.

    The best example – the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Jewish Temple? Under the dome o’ the rock.

    Yep. High regard.

  3. benning says:

    Search every damned Mosque we can get to, dammmit! That includes Mosques here in the USA! Every damned one of them!

    No more being pleasant and ‘understanding’; no more pretending the Islamists are reasonable folks. Ferret them out, deport those who aid the terrorists, and kill the terrorists as soon as we find them.

    *sigh* that’s never gonna happen, is it?

  4. William Teach says:

    What the moderate Muzzies really need to decide is who they want to be: decent members of society or wacko, murderous nutjobs.

  5. joated says:

    I like the fact that it was an ordinary citizen who stood up and pointed out this weapons cache. Tell me again how we are losing this country?

    When the ordinary man-in-the-street is willing to say enough is enough and point out the weapons of the “insurgents”, if not the men who use them, then those “insurgents” have become no more than scum–the filth that attaches itself to the soles of your feet as you walk the farm lot.

    As regards the use of a mosque as a weapons site…ask to, no insist on, examining all. Any that hold such weapons should be leveled, post haste.

  6. William Teach says:

    We are only losing in the fevered minds of the Left.

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