Illegal Aliens Are a Federal Problem(?), and Linkfest

A good Tuesday morning to everyone.

One Mass. town was looking to revoke the licenses of business' that hire illegal aliens:

The immigration debate is heating up in one Massachusetts town, where residents are expected to vote on a proposal that could revoke the license of any business that employs illegal immigrants.

NewsCenter 5's Shiba Russell reported that the proposal has sparked an intense debate across the country, with letters and e-mails pouring into the offices of the Sandwich, Mass., board of selectmen. One selectmen said he would vote no because a yes vote would paint the Cape Cod town as "un-business friendly."

Since the townspeople met Monday, night, I would love to know the outcome, wouldn't you? And, they never really voted on it:

The home-rule petition, if passed by the town's citizens and then approved by the legislature, would have made the Cape Cod town of 23,000 the first in the state to target employers hiring illegal workers.

But residents voted 572-301 Monday night to indefinitely postpone consideration of the measure, in effect killing it, the Cape Cod Times reported.

Sandwich resident Paul Schrader, who made the motion to postpone the vote, said the measure would be divisive and that is the job of federal, not local government, to enforce immigration laws.

And there's the problem: people who think the federal gov't should take care of everything and that States, counties, and towns have no responsibilities. The Framers wanted States to have most of the Rights and say so.

And, as far as being divisive, they aren't here legally, Paul. Would it be "divisive" to pass a law that business' who hire pedophiles have their licenses revocked? Probably in Liberal World, it would.

Very disappointing.

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4 Responses to “Illegal Aliens Are a Federal Problem(?), and Linkfest”

  1. tommy says:

    I thought we were the government…

    Thinking of the government as an entity separate from us is not good practice.

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  3. William Teach says:

    Good point, Tommy. We should be the gov’t, from the local up to the feds. But the Left looks at the fed gov’t as a separate entity, much like the UN, designed to give us everything we want and need, whether we like it or not.

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