Bin Laden Dead? Worldwide Comments

Yesterday I highlighted some of the Nutroots folks from the DU and Huff Puff. How about taking a look at wackjobs from around the world? Al seems like a good place to check:

I dont know why they keep making a big deal about Osama Bin laden and if he is alive or dead. As far as i am comcerned George Bush and his war mongers from the whitehouse are responsible for September 11 and that Osama was working for them so they could have this big war on terorism. I am just sick of USA and Israel killing my people, over something that is nothing but total BS. Bush andc Olmert stop your agression with muslims leave us the hell alone or else what comes around is gonna go round and round Allah who akbar. Kaled from Canada.

I think it no matter if Bin Laden dead or live, because American will fight evil war on terror, for eternita`. Many other men will take Bin Laden place and terror is to continue. but, I think American is uncapable to understand this. Chiara from Italy

More propoganda and yellow gournalism by the Bushblair regime. They spun thier litlle story to keep the minds of the peeple occupied and have the means to do it. I believe these warmongulars kiled OBL that July before Sept 11 and use his name and image to progress their agenda of world domination. That man is locked up somewhere or under ice to be thawed out for identity in the time to come soon. George has to show him as a win before he leaves office. Believe me, u all are being played, they have to plan these things yrs in advance. God cees and knows all. Peace to the world. Space Peeple From Milky Way

Bin Laden dead? This is the worst possible news that the U.S. could dread for – who are they going to blame now – given that they've not yet attacked Iran – no key individual to point fingers at and drop bombs on 'their' behaviour? Bob Robertsin From UK

alive or not that does not matter, what matter is whether the alqaida is an american machine, and this is the big Q. more and more bush admin are enjoying using alqaide as reasons for their evil do. it looks like OBL has finish its job and lets put another guy there and make him look even crazier so we the govt gang can do what we have been planed. let see what american after this time. watareyoulookin from Indonesia

more lies from the jew. perhaps it would be better if the fools believed it though, that way they lose a scapegoat, and excuse for every counter"terrorism" move the bush administration has made. from Mahser

Now the shrewed French have entered the game of befooling world attention.As we all know that there interest to provide soldiers to UN forces in Lebanon is not to safeguard Lebanon but to protect Israel.It was the French whose vicious game to misdraw the map of ME to create buffer state with christians so as to protect the illegal Jewish State. So,please do not believe them.There must be something in their mind by propagating the news of death of their frankenstien.French are no saner than the Brits/Ams/aussies/kiwis.Their HR record is as bad as their friends!!The atrocities over the Algerian freedom fighters is another black spot in the history of civility.They are similar in attitude,actions against the Muliims as like their partner marauders.We should be very carefull and come to the same podium to uphold Muslims glorious entity and our strength else we will perish. Commenter from Bangladesh

OBL was just an excuse for America to use for 9/11, do not blame the faults of others on someone else.the world hates Bush and everybody knows it. allah akhbar. Mizzy from Germany

The world should celebrate when George Bush dies and the corrupt american government. Or maybe when the jews suffer genocide. These are the s who have caused the world to be what it is today not Bin LaDEN. Karma will ensure the americans and jews will get what is coming to them. John From Australia

Does it matter whether he is a live or dead. It makes no difference. Bush and neocons are behind 911. someone living in caves cannot implement such as sophisticated operation with tight security. It must be an inside operation because fighter jets were not sent, black boxes not found but managed to find Arab passports in the rubble. How stupid and absurd that is! They could not find humans in the rubble. US Media and government tell you something and you beleive them. the reason is that the media keep repeating until they get you to beleive them. Find out for yourselves, do research, seek the truth. you cannot be that stupid. me from Land of God

Yes, there were a few "great, he's dead!" and "I hope he is dead" comments, probably more then at the DU or Huff Puff. But, you know that the War on Terror is all a fiction created by the Bush necons to commit world domination and oil theft, starting with something taking down the towers, all backed by the Evil Jews. Have never been sure if it was the hundreds and thousands of charges planted in the WTC buildings, which no one noticed, or missiles.

You know, I can almost believe that Flight 93 may have been shot down, but to think that Americans would have participated in destroying the WTC is absurd. There would have had to have been alot of people involved. Yet not one conspiracy theory has involved one of those people coming forth. I would but it in the "impossible to keep completely secret" category, though I am sure some f*ck head has a theory on that, too.

It comes down to some folks needing something to hate. America serves as their boogyman, with Bush as the head. It's nothing new. They hated us when Clinton was president, too. We are the big kid on the block.

If Osama is dead, it will not end the War on Terror. It won't be time to pack up and go home. There will be others to take his place. And, if he died by typhoid, that is fine with me. He would not be a martyr, and we would not have those on the Left, both here and worldwide, trying to assign him American Rights for his trial.

John Lillpop, posting over at Basil's Blog, discusses Democrats breaking out in a cold sweat.

Jay Tea at Wizbang certainly gets it:

The war was never about him. It did not start when he first struck at the United States, and it will not miraculously be over when he's finally confirmed dead.

Hot Air has more.

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  1. tommy says:

    It’s a simple case of not wanting to be held responsible for your own life. All you need is to believe that someone (America) is responsible for everything bad that happens to you. It’s very freeing to be able to do what you want and blame your actions on someone else.

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