Mr. Bush Goes To The UN: Sexed Up Linkfest

And a happy Tuesday.

It appears that President Bush will speak at the UN, cause worldwide angst from Liberals (except in Iran, where liberals are being purged)

President Bush will try to convince skeptical world leaders to embrace his vision for the Middle East in a speech before the United Nations on Tuesday where he is calling on the world to "stand up for peace" in the face of violent extremism.

Bush's challenge is to build international support to confront multiple problems in the region: unabated violence in Iraq, a stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, armed Hezbollah militants in Lebanon and Iran defiantly pursuing its nuclear program.

Bush was allotted 15 minutes for his annual address to the general assembly, and White House aides said he planned to use the time to call on the world to support moderate governments and help build up weak democracies in Iraq and Lebanon, as wells as the Palestinian Authority.

And, of course, he will be followed at some point by the President of Iran, who the Left will cheer, while deriding President Bush for pushing democracy and non-extremist Islam.

When discussing the UN, we cannot forget about the cheese eating surrender monkeys

Chirac proposed on Monday that the international community compromise by suspending the threat of sanctions if Tehran agrees to halt its uranium enrichment program and return to negotiations. The U.S. and other countries fear Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons, while Tehran insists its uranium enrichment program is to make fuel for nuclear power plants.

That's a compromise? Looks to me like surrender. Nothing I wouldn't expect from France.

Going forward, why not repeat standard liberal mantras?

"The sense outside of the U.S. is that the United States is responsible for many of the failures in Iraq, first by going in mostly alone and then by incompetent administration," said Jon Alterman, a Mideast expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

"The problem with the way he's talked about democracy in the Middle East is not that people see it as undesirable," Alterman said, "it's that people see it as naive. He needs to persuade cynical people that not only is he sincere, but it's achievable, and here's what they need to do to make it so."

Mercy me, I'm sure the 40+ countries involved, no matter how small the contribution, in Operation Iraqi Freedom at the start appreciate the "going it alone" meme. Isn't that what the left is saying we should do for negotiations with North Korea and Iran?

Alterman also says something that most on the Left skirt: pushing democracy is naive. We should just deal with brutal, harsh, terrorist supporting regimes. Ask Clinton, who had Yassar Arafat to the White House more then any other world leader.

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