Banned In India Banner

Danny Carlton, aka Jack, is da man! The other day, when I saw his "Stand With Israel" angled banner thingy, I asked how to do one for the Band of the Banned. Well, he went and did it.

To join, all you have to do is photoshop a Koran in the crapper, then email the Indian Dept of Telecommunications 🙂

Thanks, Danny!

(H/T Howie at the Jawa Report)

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2 Responses to “Banned In India Banner”

  1. Prithvi says:

    I’m a citizen of India(writing this from India!) and I can say with conviction that this ban is as much a shock/dissapointment to the Indian populace(net-izens) as anybody else.

    This censorship is yet another hackneyed response in the name of national security. Ironcially the Hizbullah’s site Al-Mansar is not banned in India even though it is based here!
    Hipocrisy and abject idiocy!!!

    In fact most of the sites banned have been right-wing (read pro Hindu/ pro Zionist/anti-communist) sites which leads the Indian public to believe that this is simply political. Sadly, most of our “representatives” pre-date the typewriter and/or are too ignorant to have no clue about what most of us are talking about.

    In short, most Indians would rather give up their citizenship then subscribe to this appropriation of our basic rights!

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