Kosbat Supports Terrorists. Violently

We have already seen what the HuffPuff leftards think of Israel. Now, let's see what the Kool Kids think (via Little Green Footballs)

Palestine is under the brutal occupation by a racist regime which treats non-Jews as second class citizens. Every illegal invader is a legitimate target, whether roaming the streets or  sitting in "settlements". The Palestinians have every right to use the tactics of guerilla warfare to drive the invaders out. The same is true of the Iraqi people. Though these people may not share our democratic values and have an agenda which unacceptably involves forcing people to live under the laws of a designated religion, their inalienable right of self-determination is just as valid as that of our own founders.

The blue highlights that the invaders are the Israeli's in the moonbats mind, the red denotes what he thinks should happen to them. Keep in mind, he is saying that every Israeli is an illegal invader, and should be harmed.

The orange is saying that the Iraqi people should kill Americans.

But don't say the Left hates America and Americans, particularly the military.

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4 Responses to “Kosbat Supports Terrorists. Violently”

  1. Raven says:

    The Kosiaks are so far gone now I don’t see how they can be effective. I’ve heard complaints from die hard Dems about this site, it’s leader and it’s commentors and diarists. Time will tell, but I wonder if Kos has had his day?

  2. well, the good news about Kos and his little minions is that everyone that they back loses the election.

    The vocal minority of Dems are the ones who get the airplay, the crazy ones. Sooner or later their brand of lunacy should fade.

  3. Raven says:

    I hope so. KOS is an embarassment to the left, to the Democrats.

  4. William Teach says:

    He and his sheeple should be an embarrasment to all rational Dems, yet you get Democratic Representatives, such as Kerry and Brad Miller (my local House critter) posting there. Sad, really.

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