Not All Agree With Global Warming

When one talks of global warming or climate change, it has to be in reverent tones, screamed loudy, and include that it is all Man's fault. Or so the proponents of the Man caused global warming tell us. They also tell us that all scientists agree.

But, do they?

"At the end of the day, it will all be revealed as a bad joke," said Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lindzen and Patrick Michaels, professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, both see flaws in the computer models used to predict the future affects of global warming.

They believe some of the basic assumptions about how much carbon dioxide emissions will increase are wrong, leading to inflated predictions of how much the Earth will warm.

There are many who do not buy into the global warming as caused by Man hysteria. Perhaps Man has influenced global warming to some degree, but the Earth has a natural flow. Sometimes warmer, sometimes colder. Sometimes there are ice ages. Why can't there be very hot times, as well?

Even if everyone gives up their fossil fuel burners and drive eco-friendly vehicles by the end of the year, little would change. We could stop the burning of all coal, and eliminate every activity that releases CO2, and global warming would still continue until the Earth adjusts and starts going into a colder period. We cannot stop the Sun being "hotter" nor the release of methane on the sea floors and from volcano's. It is the hight of hubris to think that is possible.

And, I just have to wonder: Gore had eight year as Vice President to "do something." Why is it only now that he is out of government and insane, and a Republican is in the WHite House, that global warming is dire and needs to be addressed?

And, consider (from the Aspen Times)

Have you noticed how we have been immersed in all these bogus "Global Warming" movies, commercials and scare tactics? The liberals talk about the neocons using "fear"; these scam artists are taking it to a new degree.

The Roaring Fork Valley used to have glaciers; however, they melted way before the Industrial Revolution. Is it possible the earth was on a warming cycle before the horrible humans came and destroyed the earth they're from? Mount Pinatubo released more greenhouse gasses than all of the Industrial Revolution. Max Mayfield, the head of the National Hurricane Center, thinks human-caused global warming is bogus. Funny how we don't hear much from him on the television these days?

Interesting. Of course, in the liberal fear mongering mind, there has never been a warmer period in history.

Sister Todjah has more on Angry Al. I happen to have a copy of the photo before the AP doctored it

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Probably not wise when one is made of wood.

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2 Responses to “Not All Agree With Global Warming”

  1. Someone Smarter than you says:

    99.9% of scientists agree that global warming is happening. You only have to look at the recent weather patterns. The temp naturally may go up, but then why is the weather so wierd? No offense, I think I’ll stick you up there with the holocaust deniers.

  2. William Teach says:

    Got proof of your assertion? Looking back in the archives, I have proof.

    Anyhow, what does “weird weather” have to do with Man? Well, you can make a case that due to the higher temps around the concrete jungles, weather patters, especially wind, can be changed. It can often be 10 degrees higher in cities then the surrounding countryside, which plays havoc with weather patterns.

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