Hezbollah Rockets Kill 8. Must Not Be Civilians, Though

And people wonder about the supposed biases of the press. The AP article is titled Hezbollah rockets hit Haifa, killing 8. The article itself barely mentions that they were civilians

HAIFA, Israel – Lebanese guerillas fired a relentless barrage of rockets into the northern Israeli city of Haifa on Sunday, killing eight people at a train station and wounding seven others in a dramatic escalation of a five-day-old conflict that has shattered Mideast peace.

Obviously, you can make the inference that they were civilian, but that is not specified till a 1/3 way through the article, sort of.

The attack on Haifa raised Israel's death toll from the fighting to at least 23 — 11 soldiers and 12 civilians. Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon have killed 130 people, mostly civilians.

The word "civilian" is mention three times in the article, two of them coming in the above citation. The third is about Lebonese civilian deaths. Perhaps Israeli civilian deaths are not worth the same as Lebonese civilian deaths.

Contrast this to a BBC report, Israel Kills Lebanese Civilians. Contrast it to other news reports which highlight the civilian deaths in Lebanon, supposedly over 100 at this time, with only a small mention of Israeli civilian deaths.

Of course, the Islamic groups tend to surround themselves with civilians and/or worm their way into the midst of the civilian population, in order to get exactly the press that they get. Israel is going after military targets. Hezbollah is just shooting missiles, some at Israeli navy ships, the rest simply to land wherever they may.

I believe that we will see even more skewed press coverage as Israel continues to pound Lebanon. I won't be shocked, either.

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2 Responses to “Hezbollah Rockets Kill 8. Must Not Be Civilians, Though”

  1. BlamE the U.S. and IsraeL..who else?…

    “KARACHI, Pak-istan – A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the home of a prominent Sh-iite Mus-lim cleric Friday, killing the cleric and a bodyguard and triggering a riot in this southern Pakistani city…


  2. JulieB says:

    Check the Jerusalem Post for coverage. Mind you, as you know me, the JPost is a more liberal paper….
    I also get reports and comments from friends traveling in Israel. They aren’t in particular danger, but worried about traveling home. Our Rabbi’s family had been over there with him and they returned home safe today.
    Meanwhile, the Brits lean towards the Arab states…

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