Earth Warmest In The Last 400 Years

I caught a post over at phin's spot last night about the Earth being the hottest in 2000 years.

This morning, I caught one about the last 25 years being the warmest on Earth since 1600:

The last few decades were the warmest on Earth in the past 400 years, and may well have been warmer than any comparable period since the Middle Ages, U.S. scientists reported on Thursday.

In a new report by the National Research Council, researchers said they were highly confident the mean global surface temperature was higher in the past 25 years than any comparable period during the previous four centuries.

They had less confidence the past quarter-century was hotter than any comparable period in the years from 900 to 1600, but found that plausible. For the years before 900, the scientists said they had very little confidence about what the Earth's mean surface temperatures were.

Wellllllp. No matter which dates you look at, the last 400 years would bring you to the time of the Little Ice Age. Perhaps we are warmer then during the Global Climate Optimum. Perhaps not. But data shows that Alaska experience a very warm period from 1-300 AD. Other studies show warm periods throughout the Earth's history. None of which is stated in the article.

I am still waiting for the serious proof that the current raised temps are caused by Man, rather then natural occurrences of the Earth and Sun. What really needs to be done is measure the temperatures outside of metropolitan areas, where the temps have gone up, due to pollution and being concrete jungles. The Earth is not able to soak up the cosmic rays of the Sun. Etc, etc.

Show me the facts and proof.

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