Road To Guantanamo

The USA Today had an interesting review of the movie "the Road To Guantanamo" today, in which the reviewer, Claudia Piug, paints an oh-so-subtle picture of "terrorists good, America bad:"

 The Road to Guantanamo is a riveting and disturbing documentary that falls short of greatness by not providing enough insight into the characters. It is mostly intent on inciting a sense of outrage in the viewer, and it succeeds.

Like leftards need more outrage on top of their daily seethefests. And, insight into characters? How much insight is needed about people who think in terms of either adhering to their religious beliefs, or they'll kill you?

 Filmed in a re-enactment style, the story is based on the accounts of three British men who are suspected of terrorist activity and imprisoned in the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo from 2002 to 2004. They were eventually cleared and released.

Perhaps the three men should have considered what would happen when they crossed from Pakistan into Afghanistan during the military operations in 2001, especially being muslim and all.

 The Pakistan-born friends, who grew up in the British Midlands, decide to leave England and take a trip to Pakistan, where one of them intends to find a wife. That they would leave for such a volatile place in late September 2001 could be construed in different ways. They were either victims of very poor timing, or their intentions were more nefarious than they say.


 The documentary has an immediacy that makes it feel like a news report rather than a cheesy re-enactment. However, the fact that it is a re-enactment raises questions about the veracity of the story. Although the men seem sincere, we might have had a keener sense of their overall veracity if others were interviewed to support their story.

I'll give it to Claudia: she does make an attempt to be sort of fair, but, face it, The Road To Guantanamo is just another left wing propaganda movie designed to paint the USA as the bad guy, rather then the people caught in Afghanistan fighting for the enemy. Remember, leftards, the enemy was part of the group and/or harbored and sheltered the group that attacked the United States multiple times, culminating in 9/11.

To steal a line from Kosbat, when it comes to the islamofacists, screw 'em!

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