Democrats Unhinged

I took a stoll through the Left side of the Internet, and ended up dumpster diving. But, not at the Democratic Underground, oh no. Not Kosbat, not Atrios, AMERICAblog, nor the HuffPuff. Or any of the other usual suspects.

Tell you you what. Why not check some of these comments first, then I'll tell you where they came from:

  • If by some bizarre stroke of fate, the al-Zarqawi documents turn out not to be CIA plants, our party is really, really, really screwed. Our strategy hinges on US failure in Iraq. As of this point in time I nominate it to be an unacceptable reality these docs are real. Deny, Deny, Deny.
  • I am so happy that today 150 Democrats and a few Republicans opposed the House resolution on Iraq. It shows that their is at least some common sense in the world.
  • The cause of the insurgency in Iraq and the cause of the hatred of the US around the world is EXTREMISM..whether it is the Islamic Fundamentalists or the Right wing Christian zealots that are trying to alter our bill of rights here in the USA. How can we foster democracy over there when our democracy here is under attack by the Bush administration?
  • I pissed off about the vote as well. It's time that people start to listen to John Murtha about Iraq war because everything he is saying is true! At least Murtha has the guts to say it!
  • Everyone needs to remember that the original "cut and run" person is now sitting in the White House. He cut out of the Texas Air National Guard during the Viet Nam War and ran to Alabama to work on a politica campaign. I find it rather ironic that many of the troops serving in his war are from the reserves and the National Guard.
  • Republicans are the "End of Days" loonies trying to destroy the earth with thier corporate gazillionaire owners: we are the environmentalist party, working to preserve the earth for future generations as God intended.
  • For dems to win in Nov we must take the moral and correct view on two issues. 1) the war in Iraq; wITHDRAW OUR TROOPS IMMEDIATELY1 Close the permanent bases or give them to the Iraq security forces. Eliminate all the no bid contracts and send home all Amer contractors. This would help their economy. We could possibly leave a few troops, perhaps 10-20,000 in adjacent countries. I also believe that we should emphasize how immoral and unchristian this act of war was. I consider myself a devout Christian and I unlike Bush and his neocon buds believe the the foremost commandment "thou shall not kill" and "love one another.

OK, not quite as wacky as the DU, until you you know where it comes from. Drumroll, Mr. Moon…..Democrats,org. The OFFICIAL site of the Democratic Party.

While some of the comments were rational an on topic, most seemed to hing on cut and run, er, excuse me, redeploy.

But don't say they aren't patriotic or anything. Especially with another blog entry entitled Flag Burning: real patriotism cannot be coerced. They would know, since they have none.

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3 Responses to “Democrats Unhinged”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    I assume that if this guy thinks Murtha is anything other than a senile old man or totally insane, then he slipped the post under the door from his own padded room. Hate really has driven a large percentage of the left insane. His hero Murtha is now the laughing stock of the world. Even people that oppose the war know his (Murtha) proposals are the ravings of a lunatic.

  2. William Teach says:

    Absolutely. We often say that there are good, rational, reasonable Dems out there. Sure there are a few. But when the Democratic Party allows this kind of insanity on their official site, then they are long gone wacko insane.

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