Anti-Comment Spam Redux

OK-dokey. I have tried Gatekeeper and Anti-spam Image so far in an attempt to deal with obnoxious comment spam, mostly coming from BS blogspot site that actually make zero sense. (See this post)

Problem was, anti-spam image started blocking ALL trackbacks. Gatekeeper was stopping most comment spam, except from the blogspot azzwipes (this doesn’t apply to those of you with legit blogspot sites.)

Tried some of the other captcha types, but, they really do not like WordPress 2.0.3, or have directions that suck. I really do not enjoy mucking around, getting frustrated, wasting time when could be doing more important things. Like napping in the sun. Heh!

Supposedly, one of the big things to use now is Hashcash. Rather then forcing someone to use a code, it is all client side, and does something or other, sending hashes back or whatever. I don’t know, I just wander from room to room looking for things that work.

I’ll see if it does.

I have version 2.3 loaded here, seems to be working fine. Version 3.1 works fine on my test site, which does not have popup comments enabled, however, on Pirate’s Cove, had issues when using popups.

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