More Trouble For Duke Lacrosse Case

At what point does Nifong dismiss the charges or a rational, law abiding judge step in and end this charade, much less legal disaster?

When Durham police and prosecutors asked a judge for permission to collect photos and DNA from 46 Duke University lacrosse players, they said a woman had reported being beaten, choked and gang-raped at a team party.

But defense lawyers said in a court filing Thursday that police had a medical examination of the woman that revealed only a small scratch on her knee, a small cut on her heel and vaginal swelling. The lawyers suggested these injuries could be explained by the woman’s activities in the days before the party where she said she was raped.

The accuser, an escort service dancer, spent the weekend going from an appointment at a North Raleigh hotel to a Hillsborough strip club to a hotel near Duke to one in downtown Raleigh, according to the filings. The string of assignations ended at the Monday-night party.

Add this info to the timeline alibi’s, inconsistent statements by the accuser, the illegal lineups, DNA tests that do not implicate any of the accused, the 40+ people who saw nothing happen, etc, and so on, and the case against the three accused players is looking thinner then the script for all those “reality” shows on TV.

And let’s not forget about the 2nd stripper calling it all a crock

An escort service dancer told police early on that a fellow dancer’s allegations of rape at a Duke University lacrosse team party were a “crock.”

In two interviews with investigators, Kim Roberts told of rude behavior but no sexual assault.

Investigator Benjamin Himan contacted her March 20, a week after the party, according to notes filed in court Thursday.

Roberts, 31, said she was separated from the accuser less than five minutes on March 13 and 14, when the two performed at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

Contradicts the 30 or so minutes during which the accuser said she was raped.

When will justice be served?

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3 Responses to “More Trouble For Duke Lacrosse Case”

  1. Anthony Scott says:

    Having followed this story from the beginning, I can assure you that the media silence right now is deafening. The only development so far is that one of the accused has had to turn down a lucrative position with JP Morgan due to the allegations, and it was his choice not theirs.
    The lies told have caused unecessary conflict but given what we know of the accuser we should not be surprised.

  2. You just have to wonder if the defendents will be slapping Nifong, the Durham PD, and the City of Durham with lawsuits once all is said and done, costing the city millions.

  3. Mark Cabaniss says:

    I just want to make a suggestion to those who care: I went to Clown Supplies dot com and ordered a dozen red rubber clown noses to be delivered to Nifong and his associates at their office. I urge all Duke Alumni and people who care about justice in this case to do the same. Only cost 5 bucks for the noses and 7 bucks for delivery!

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